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A process for obtaining useful products from an oil shale formation that has intermixed nahcolite and dawsonite. An aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, containing a surfactant, is injected into the formation via wells. The sodium hydroxide reacts with the nahcolite to yield a sodium carbonate solu ...

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In a process for recovering oil from oil shale which comprises injecting a fluid A, such as steam, into contact with finely-divided, unconsolidated, solid particles in a rubbled oil shale chimney; withdrawing fluids from the chimney from a point above the injection point of fluid A, and adjusting th ...

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A method of extracting metal from an underground ore body. The body is heated by electric induction to a temperature sufficient to break up the metallic ore compound and liquefy the metal. The metal flows into production wells where it is collected and transported to the surface, as by rapid solidif ...

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An underground method for in situ leaching of mineral resource bodies is used to recover the mineral. The method comprises running a drift close to the resource body in such a manner as to minimize any effect on subsurface water; drilling long holes from the drift into the resource body at intervals ...

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The present invention provides an improved process for the in-situ recovery of mineral values, particularly uranium, from subterranean deposits that exhibit heterogeneous permeabilities in the formation zones. Aqueous solutions of thickening agents or viscosity building agents are utilized to contro ...

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In the in-situ leaching of valuable minerals such as uranium, a leaching solution is injected into the mineral-bearing formation, permitted to remain in contact with the formation to effect the solubilization of desirable mineral values therefrom, and then withdrawn either from the original injectio ...

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Uranium and other base metals are leached from their ores with aqueous solutions containing bicarbonate ions that have been generated or reconstituted by converting other non-bicarbonate anions into bicarbonate ions. The conversion is most conveniently effected by contacting solutions containing SO. ...

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A method of in situ solution mining is disclosed in which a primary leaching process employing an array of 5-spot leaching patterns of production and injection wells is converted to a different pattern by converting to injection wells all the production wells in alternate rows.