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A method for the electro-thermal and electrochemical underground conversion of coal into oil and by-products comprises the steps of inserting an underground probe into a bore hole until the probe is in close proximity to a coal seam. A mixture of air, steam, an electrolyte and a suitable catalyst is ...

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A method for treating a coal formation to alter properties of coal in the formation is provided. In one embodiment, heat from one or more heaters may be provided to at least a portion of the formation. Heat may be allowed to transfer from the one or more heaters to a part of the formation. In certai ...

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Coal gas is produced in situ using the techniques of gasification, liquefaction and pyrolysis. Normal effluents to the atmosphere are recycled in part to the underground reaction zone for conversion into commercial products. Contaminants to underground aquifers are captured and injected into the und ...

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The method of the present invention involves a two-phase process for in-situ retorting and recovery of carbonaceous material contained within typical subterranean tar sand formations, and includes formation of conventional arrays of in-seam ducts, and positioning heating devices to heat a section of ...

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A method for underground gasification of coal or brown coal, in which a substantially uniform gasification or combustion front is maintained by filling the cavity generated by gasification of coal with a filler so as to drive said front in an upward direction through the coal layer, the gases for ma ...

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A method of preparing an underground bed for treatment. A channel is formed in the bed extending from the ground down through the bed and up to the ground. A cutting device is inserted into the channel operated to form a pathway in a substantially vertical plane.

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Medium BTU gas is generated from coal in situ by establishing communication channels through the coal in part by projectiles and in part by burning. Oxygen is employed for reaction with the coal and reaction temperatures are controlled by injection of steam.