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Long intervals of subterranean earth formations are heated at high temperatures for long times with an electrical heater containing spoolable, steel sheathed, mineral insulated cables which have high electrical conductivities, enabling them to heat the earth formations at a substantially uniform rat ...

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A B S T R A C T HEATING RATE VARIANTELONGATED ELECTRIC RESISTANCE HEATER An electrical resistance heater capable of generating heat atdifferent rates at different locations along its length comprises acontinuous and unitary electrical conductor having a thicknesswhich is different at different locat ...

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An electrical resistance heater capable of generating heat at different rates at different locations along its length comprises a continuous and unitary electrical conductor having a thickness which is different at different locations along its length.

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A combustor method and apparatus is provided. The method utilizes flameless combustion with one or more of three improvements to enhance ignition of the flameless combustor. A catalytic surface can be provided within a combustion chamber to provide flameless combustion at least in the vicinity of th ...

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An electrical resistance subterranean heater is provided which is cemented directly in a well borehole without a casing in the borehole within the zone to be heated. The absence of the casing results in an economical installation.

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A heater is disclosed which comprises an electrical insulating material surrounding an annular heating element configuration; wherein there is no casing surrounding an annular heating element configuration.

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