Charles J Gioia, Mario Gioia: Paint tray and container apparatus. Alan N McCartney, March 2, 1976: US03940824 (56 worldwide citation)

A combination paint tray and container therefore, wherein the tray is attached to the upper edge of one side of the container with the tray and the open end of the container forming an incline with respect to the upstanding sides of the container. The bottom of the tray has mounted thereon a hook ad ...

Robert H Tigner: Motorized collapsible step. Specific Cruise Systems, James E Bradley, September 28, 1999: US05957237 (52 worldwide citation)

A collapsible step assembly has upper and lower steps, and a housing which mounts below the door of a vehicle. The steps and housing are interconnected by pivotally mounted linkages. A pivot rod extends transversely through the housing with a linkage fastened to each end. A link arm is connected to ...

James M Kain: Step stool assembly. Cosco, Barnes & Thornburg, March 3, 1998: US05722507 (52 worldwide citation)

A platform stool is provided including a frame having a front leg and a rear leg. The front leg is pivotably coupled to the rear leg for movement about a leg pivot axis between an opened position and a closed position. The platform stool includes a multi-part platform including a front section pivot ...

Richard W Chatham, Charles G Setliff: Detachable tray for stepladders. Charles R Rhodes, Judith E Garmon, March 15, 1988: US04730802 (50 worldwide citation)

One of the side walls of a tray is provided with a stepladder side rail engaging bracket which includes opposed diverging channel members. Such channel members rest, without any fasteners or the like, upon the exposed upper edges of the side rails or stringers which form one side of the stepladder. ...

Bradford Armstrong, Willi Sitkei: Tailgate step for pick-up truck bed access. Decoma Exterior Trim, Clark Hill, July 23, 2002: US06422342 (49 worldwide citation)

A stowable step has a housing, a U-shaped step platform and a sliding member pivotally engaging the step platform. The sliding member is slidably mounted within the housing for reciprocating movement between a retracted stowed position wherein the platform extends into the housing and a deployed pos ...

Joseph T Christ, Helen M Christ: Ladder-supported holding tray. Craft Creations Co, Marshall O Toole Gerstein Murray & Bicknell, October 1, 1991: US05052581 (49 worldwide citation)

A support tray for a ladder, scaffold and the like that includes a load-bearing support bar or strut that is secured to ladder structure below the tray and includes means for adjusting the length of the support bar to maintain the tray in a substantially horizontal disposition for supporting paint c ...

Billy G Pugh: Swing rope. Billy Pugh Co, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, December 6, 1988: US04789045 (49 worldwide citation)

Swing rope constructed of successive layers of polyurethane, fiberglass resin, polypropylene rope, a second fiberglass resin and an abrasive grit. The swing rope may be used to transport crew members of an offshore rig to or from a waiting boat. A second embodiment relates to a non-slip surface appl ...

James J Hamilton: Ladder top tool tray mounting. Thomas M Scofield, March 31, 1987: US04653713 (47 worldwide citation)

A mounting clip adapted to engage the top platform of a self standing or step ladder, such clip configured to be engaged by a specially shaped opening in the body parts of a tool tray or toolbox; a T section bar member resiliently fastenable to the top platform of a step ladder for engagement by tra ...

Jeffrey J Hall: Ladder caddy. Fay & Sharpe, November 6, 1984: US04480810 (46 worldwide citation)

A ladder caddy particularly adapted for attachment to a step or extension ladder for containing work implements is provided. The ladder caddy comprises a container member including side edge portions adapted to engage associated ladder side rails, and a clamping member depending from the container m ...

Randall J Wilson: Ladder accessory. Wilson Reil Associates, November 17, 1987: US04706918 (42 worldwide citation)

A ladder accessory with an upwardly open receptacle is designed to rest on a rung of a ladder or step-ladder and its shape cooperates with one upright of the ladder prevent transverse movement of the accessory or rotation in either direction relative to the ladder.

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