Anthony Kenyon: Dispensing apparatus and deposit apparatus for drive up machines. Helfgott & Karas, April 5, 1988: US04735289 (119 worldwide citation)

A dispensing apparatus is provided for use from an open window of a stationary vehicle. The position of the open window is optically or acoustically sensed and a data input and dispensing component is moved by a carriage mechanism in response to the sensed signals to a position adjacent to the open ...

Michael B Zekich: Security system for selectively allowing passage from a non-secure region to a secure region. Related Energy & Security Systems, Brady O Boyle & Gates, May 6, 1986: US04586441 (91 worldwide citation)

A security system for allowing selective access to a secured area generally comprises first and second three wing center shaft ganged revolving door structures, each partially surrounded by upright facing curved side walls disposed in spaced apart relationship to define a mid-zone. A digital combina ...

Pamela K Jones: Safe door latch deformation actuated interlock. International Business Machines Corporation, Karl O Hesse, November 17, 1987: US04706577 (66 worldwide citation)

A lockable enclosure is disclosed which may be installed at locations accessible to customers for vending merchandise, dispensing money or receiving deposits, and where a potential attacker would have only a limited period of time to break into the enclosure before the police or security personnel w ...

Ray Castenada Jr, Laura M Castenada: Safe box with anchor chain. Harvey B Jacobson, October 2, 1984: US04474116 (63 worldwide citation)

A housing is provided including peripherally extending side walls and a fixed wall extending between one set of corresponding marginal portions of the side walls. The side of the housing opposite the fixed wall is open and a cover is provided for the open side of the housing. The cover and housing i ...

Melvin T Roudebush: User access compartment for an automated teller machine. NCR Corporation, J T Cavender, Albert L Sessler Jr, Elmer Wargo, May 18, 1976: US03957173 (63 worldwide citation)

A user access compartment for an automated teller machine which dispenses currency and/or receipts through an opening in the protective cabinet of the machine. The compartment is generally cylindrical in shape having an access opening therein, and the compartment is pivotally mounted on a frame loca ...

Lewis A Correia: Lock box and mounting device. Calif Kip Tervo, April 14, 1998: US05738020 (56 worldwide citation)

A combination lock box and mounting device allows the lock box to be easily attached and unattached. The lock box includes a back wall having a plurality of key-hole openings therein and a lid having a closed position and an open position. The mounting device comprises a mounting bracket and a locki ...

H Frank Fogleman, Harold N Druihet: Safes. June 2, 1987: US04669394 (48 worldwide citation)

The safe has a five-sided box wtih a door mounted thereon to swing between opened and closed positions. A latch locks the door when in a closed position. An electronic locking arrangement responds to a digital access code for operating the latch in a rapid manner. A combination dial controlled mecha ...

Grosswiller Jr Leo J, Leipelt Paul A: Rotary depository construction. Diebold Incorporated, Frease & Bishop, August 5, 1975: US3897901 (48 worldwide citation)

A construction of a rotary depository for accepting bank deposits at an unattended deposit station unit which is installed as an individual unit or in conjunction with remote automatic cash dispensing banking equipment. The depositing procedure is initiated for automatic operation by any desired act ...

Randolph C Benore, Joseph Gagliano, Shawn Gibson, Leo J Grosswiller, Gram McGeorge, Donald Neidlinger: Electronic security system. Diebold Incorporated, D Peter Hochberg, Mark Kusner, December 30, 1997: US05701828 (47 worldwide citation)

An electronic lock system for controlling access to a plurality of enclosures each having an openable and closeable panel. The system is comprised of a lock mechanism mounted to each of the panels. The lock mechanism has a lock member movable between a first position locking the panel and a second p ...

Serge Lagarrigue: Security system. William Anthony Drucker, November 29, 1977: US04060039 (46 worldwide citation)

The invention covers a protective device in the outer area of a room, for instance a banking hall of a financial institution, with a bullet-proof door, which can be locked, leading into a room, the locking mechanism being operated in conjunction with a release device.

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