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Floor panels (1, 1') are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system consisting of a flexible tongue (30) in a displacement groove (40), which during a vertical folding motion is displaced. Moreover, a tongue blank (50), a production method and an installation method are shown.

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1. Automatic catch, in particular for window shutters, comprising a support arm having an abutment and a rotatable spring or weight loaded counter-holder which holds the shutter between itself and the abutment, with the counter-holder having a run-up surface of the shutter at the side remote from th ...

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An auxiliary storage and dispensing unit for use with a computer-controlled supply and medication dispenser station including a cabinet having integrally connected top, bottom, side and rear cabinet panels defining a tall storage and interior dispensing cavity accessible through a front opening, a p ...

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A remotely actuated solenoid latch apparatus adapted for use in motor vehicle applications is disclosed. The solenoid latch apparatus includes a solenoid having an armature movable between a first position displaced from a pole piece to define a working air gap therebetween to a second position attr ...

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A magnetic latch for a display of a laptop computer uses magnetic attraction to maintain the display closed and uses magnetic repelling forces to pop-up the display when opened. The latch includes one or more magnetic elements in the body of the laptop and at least one magnetic element in the displa ...

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1,171,337. Latches. TRANSITORIA TRADING CO. A.B. 28 Jan., 1967, No. 4323/67. Heading E2A. Latching means for a door or the like comprises a casing secured to the door I and having a leaf spring tongue 6 secured to the casing at the inner end and projecing therefrom at the other end, the tongue being ...

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Securing means particularly for slide-in type battery pack to be used in cordless electric power tools. An L-shaped latch is pivoted on the tool, and its short leg cooperates with a release mechanism at the remote end of the battery pack. A release member, spring loaded on the battery pack, urges th ...

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A snap fit locking mechanism is provided for releasably joining a pair of components. The locking mechanism contains a resilient locking arm integrally formed on a first component. The locking arm includes an outwardly extending projection which defines a step portion and a cam surface. A rigid rect ...

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A pivot latch adapted for releasably securing a pivotable sash window to a master frame. The master frame has opposed, vertically extending guide rails. The sash has a hollow top sash rail, a base and a pair of hollow stiles cooperatively connected together at adjacent extremities thereof to form a ...

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An electric strike with a pivotally mounted catch which is locked by a pivotally mounted detent engageable with a pivotally mounted detent arm controlled by the catch, movement of the detent being controlled by an electrically energizable solenoid and moveable core assembly which has a portion of th ...