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A solar collector array is formed of a plurality of solar panels mounted on a frame made of support beams which may be sheet metal channel members. A butyl tape or other glazing material is applied between the back laminate of the solar panel and the beam. Clips are used to clamp the panels to the s ...

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A mounting system that is capable of effectively draining the rainwater off the roof, while enabling easy installation of the solar battery modules. The mounting system is adapted to install on the roof an array of the solar battery modules each of a panel-like configuration with a rectangular frame ...

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A multi-purpose photovoltaic module framing system is provided which combines and integrates the framing system with the photovoltaic electrical system. The user friendly framing system is easy to install and can be directly mounted to a roof surface without auxiliary brackets and beams. The economi ...

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The specification and drawing figures describe and show a low profile mounting system that includes a at least one rail. A plurality of tracks is formed in the rail with opposing jaws. The opposing jaws define a slot. The opposing jaws are disposed in the rail asymmetrically to the longitudinal axis ...

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A flooring product (10) comprises a wood panel having an L-shaped surround (18) the base of which is located below the wood panel. A plurality of parallel aluminium battens (20) are connected to the base of the panel. These battens comprise a groove (30). In use two flooring products (10,50) having ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide a solar cell module panel which is mounted on a roof of a building and united with roof rafters at low cost, whose installation and maintenance can be easily done, and which has long term reliability, especially with respect to protection of the solar ...

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The construction element is in the form of a plate (1) of pozzolanic concrete, within the thickness of which is embedded an insulating material (2), the ends of the plate having complementary shapes (1a) and (1b) for combined engagement with means of locking by stapling (3) and (4).