Siegfried Schwert: Method of extracting a hollow unit laid in the ground. Marshall & Melhorn, November 16, 1999: US05984582 (178 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of extracting a hollow member laid in the earth, e.g. a lead pipe, which is accessible at both its open ends. For this purpose a hose which may be internally pressurized, is introduced in an unpressurized condition into the pipe, the hose is then internally pressurized, pressin ...

Misaki Yoji: Monitor device for hydraulic shovel. Sumitomo Constr Mach, January 9, 2001: JP2001-003400 (149 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a monitor device capable of simply inputting the number of times of loading for a truck by a hydraulic shovel without depending on paper and a pencil, storing the number of the times of the loading and being easily shown on a display.SOLUTION: A count button switch 6 ...

Anthony Hanseder: Method and apparatus for accurately positioning a tool on a mobile machine using on-board laser and positioning system. Trimble Navigation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, August 22, 2000: US06108076 (123 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for accurately positioning a tool on a mobile machine are provided. The machine is equipped with a satellite positioning system (SPS) receiver, a robotic total station with an integrated scanning laser and a storage facility storing a digital terrain model (DTM) of a work area ...

Philip M Clegg: Grading system. Clegg Engineering, Grant L Hubbard, February 21, 1989: US04807131 (113 worldwide citation)

A fully automated earthgrading machine and system is disclosed.

Richard W Davidson, John W Fletcher: Position sensing system for surveying and grading. Agtek Development Co, Limbach Limbach & Sutton, April 11, 1989: US04820041 (112 worldwide citation)

A position sensing apparatus and method useful for surveying, marking, and grading implement sensing and control is disclosed. The position sensing apparatus includes two laser reference stations, each of which projects a laser beam that periodically sweeps in a plane across the area to be surveyed. ...

Eugene L Helton, Walter B Miller: Multi-material ripper tip. Caterpillar Tractor Co, Phillips Moore Weissenberger Lempio & Strabala, January 20, 1976: US03932952 (112 worldwide citation)

A multi-material earthworking ripper tip having a leading nose portion comprised of a material having greater wear resistance and strength at elevated temperatures than the material which comprises the rearward shank supporting portion of the tip. In one embodiment, a bi-metallic nose portion is ine ...

William C Sahm: Automatic excavation control system and method. Caterpillar, Wei W Jeang, James R Yee, November 12, 1991: US05065326 (101 worldwide citation)

A control system and method automatically controls a work implement of an excavating machine to perform a complete excavation work cycle. In performing the work cycle, the control system automatically extends the work implement down into the trench, completes a dig stroke, captures the excavated mat ...

Morris Harold D, Sigworth Frederick J: Angular position sensing and control system, apparatus and method. Systron Donner Corporation, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, August 12, 1975: US3899028 (101 worldwide citation)

A structural body is monitored in angular position about at least one axis by utilizing a level sensor and a sensor responsive to angular motion of the body about the axis being monitored. An output indicative of long term angular variations of the body about the axis is provided by the level sensor ...

Ted L Teach: Earthmoving apparatus and method for grading land providing continuous resurveying. Spectra Physics Laserplane, Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, December 27, 1994: US05375663 (99 worldwide citation)

An earthmoving apparatus and method for grading a tract of land to a desired finish contour wherein a continuously updated contour map is displayed to the operator of the earthmoving apparatus during the grading process is provided. The earthmoving apparatus has a blade of known width for cutting an ...

Larren F Jones, Robert K Emrich: Excavating tooth. Esco Corporation, Banner & Witcoff, January 20, 1998: US05709043 (96 worldwide citation)

An excavating tooth for attachment to the digging edge of excavating equipment includes a wear member provided with bearing faces in a socket which extend substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tooth. The bearing faces are formed to widen significantly as they extend rearward to prov ...

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