Larry Guilbault
Lawrence James Guilbault, Christopher Rider: Composition for chemical improvement of soil and road base materials. August 16, 2012: US20120207551-A1

A treatment for soils and road base materials including applying to the soil or road base materials an organosilicon waterproofing agent, and applying to the soil or road base material a soil stabilizer binder including an acrylate ester polymer emulsion.

James E Thurler, John E Nemazi, Ralph E Smith: Spindle lock and chipping mechanism for hammer drill. One World Technologies, Brooks & Kushman P C, April 22, 2003: US06550546 (286 worldwide citation)

A hammer drill has a motor which drives an axially displaceable intermediate gear mounted in an intermediate gear arrangement. An impact mechanism is formed by including interacting impact cams between either the intermediate gear and the housing, or the motor armature shaft and the housing to gener ...

Harold J Vinegar, George L Stegmeier, Eric P de Rouffignac, Charles C Chou: Vacuum method for removing soil contaminants utilizing thermal conduction heating. Shell Oil Company, March 2, 1993: US05190405 (272 worldwide citation)

An in situ method for removal of contaminants from soil imposes a vacuum on the soil through perforated heater wells that are positioned in the soil. The heater wells heat the soil to elevated temperatures by thermal conduction. The heater wells are permeable to vapors which emanate from the soil wh ...

George Leo Stegemeier, Harold J Vinegar: Method for recovering contaminants from soil utilizing electrical heating. Shell Oil Company, Del S Christensen, August 12, 1997: US05656239 (255 worldwide citation)

An in-situ method is disclosed for low pressure vaporization and recovery of contaminants from surface and near-surface soil by electrically heating the soil with a pattern of hollow electrodes and pulling a deep vacuum through the electrodes. The surface of the soil is sealed with an impermeable ba ...

Eric de Rouffignac, Harold J Vinegar: Remediation method. Shell Oil Company, December 7, 1999: US05997214 (248 worldwide citation)

A method is provided to remove volatile liquid contaminates from a contaminated volume of earth, the contaminated volume lying above a noncontaminated layer of earth, the method including the steps of: penetrating the contaminated volume with at least one wellbore so that a wellbore penetrates the c ...

Alfred R Jennings Jr: Disposal of produced formation fines during oil recovery. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Michael G Gilman, Charles A Malone, November 29, 1988: US04787452 (244 worldwide citation)

Recovered formation fines are pumped in slurry form into an injection well during an enhanced oil recovery process e.g. a steam flood. Said injection can be done incrementally in stages in conjunction with said process. Said fines improve the sweep efficiency of the injected medium. This method is a ...

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Methods of soil containment and soil remediation are disclosed. The methods contemplate selecting a surface area associated with a subterraneal volume wherein the subterraneal volume includes ground water beneath the surface area. Barrier means are arranged around at least part of the perimeter of t ...

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The present invention integrates an inverse modeling technique and a field measurement system. The system uses inexpensive and non-hazardous gaseous tracers injected inside the contained volume of a barrier to quantify the location and size of any leaks in the barrier. The vapor sampling point insta ...

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Disclosed is in situ decontamination methods and apparatus for injecting a hot gas into boreholes formed in a contaminated soil area to vaporize the soil moisture and contaminants, and for collecting the vaporized contaminants at the surface of the soil. A burner heats pressurized gases and mixes th ...

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An in-line reversing mechanism for use with hand-held power tools comprises two coaxially juxtaposed epicyclic gear trains having a common carrier which may alternately be locked to or released from an outer cage to accomplish the bidirectional transmission of rotational power. The complete reversin ...