Vladimir Bednyak: Electrical generator having an oscillator containing a freely moving internal element to improve generator effectiveness. Motion Charge, Edward Etkin Esq, September 12, 2006: US07105939 (60 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for providing electrical energy to an electrical device by deriving the electrical energy from motion of the device. In one embodiment, the inventive apparatus includes a novel kinetic electrical power generator (KEPG) consisting of an inventive oscillating weight having an i ...

Roehner Soll: Helix of a series of discarded vehicle tires. Schofer Harry N, December 23, 1975: US3928701 (58 worldwide citation)

An article of manufacture consisting of a structure in form of a helix and/or a spiral made from a series of discarded vehicle tires. The tire annulus is transversely severed, and the end of one tire is secured to the end of another tire, in series, in the form of a helix and/or a spiral. Such a str ...

Robert J DiTullio: Drainage system. Ware Fressola et al, February 11, 1992: US05087151 (57 worldwide citation)

In septic systems for handling household waste water or in clear water drainage applications, lightweight molded polyethylene galleries are used to form the drain field. The galleries can be axially aligned in end-to-end relationship with each gallery defining an interior hollow chamber. A unique la ...

Kossuth J Landry Jr: Soil erosion prevention blocks. Guy E Matthews, October 14, 1980: US04227829 (57 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device for use in controlling soil erosion comprising a matrix of cellular concrete blocks, having foliage growth passageways therethrough, and held together by a series or system of cables or the like passing through internal passageways within each block. The cables are ...

Robert W Symons: Boat ride for amusement park. Sid & Marty Krofft Productions, Lindenberg Freilich Wasserman Rosen & Fernandez, January 6, 1976: US03930450 (57 worldwide citation)

A boat ride system for an amusement park, which includes a main channel and an auxiliary channel extending under the main channel and isolated from it except along a narrow slot. A boat for carrying people includes a hull floating in the main channel, a pair of paddles lying in the auxiliary channel ...

Ray F Wofford, George S Potter: Modular and componential trench drain system. Shefte Pinckney & Sawyer, November 19, 1991: US05066165 (56 worldwide citation)

A modular trench drain system comprising generally V-shaped channels, generally L-shaped grate frames, support anchors, and a grating which are arranged so as to result in a trench drain system tailored made for an individual site.

David G Kroger: Dike assembly. Magnum Fiberglass Products, Oldham & Oldham, August 23, 1988: US04765775 (56 worldwide citation)

An environment protecting dike assembly is disclosed comprising interlocking, plastic, wall shaped components which can be erected as a dike wall around storage tanks or other liquid containing vessels. The components of the assembly are of modular construction, permitting dikes of different configu ...

Richards Frank A: Oil skimmer. October 24, 1972: US3700108 (56 worldwide citation)

A float supported unit for removing oil films, debris or other floating liquid and/or solid impurities from the surface of a body of water including an impurity-water conveyor, a perforated, separator-conveyor for separating solid impurity components from the conveyed impurities and water, and a hol ...

Gregory E Granato, Kirk P Smith: Automated groundwater monitoring system and method. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Interior, E Philip Koltos, February 8, 2000: US06021664 (55 worldwide citation)

A method of monitoring the quality of water at a ground water sampling site without human intervention. Water at the sampling site is purged until at least one preselected purge criterion is satisfied. At least one water quality attribute is automatically measured at the sampling site, and the quali ...

Randall J Houck, Michael H Houck, Harold J Houck: Method and apparatus for installation of drainage field. Duckworth Allen Dyer & Doppelt, May 14, 1991: US05015123 (55 worldwide citation)

A preassembled unit for a sewage nitrification field has minimum outward dimensions of loose, lightweight plastic aggregate material enveloped and bound by a plastic sleeve around a horizontal conduit. In one embodiment, the unit takes a bag form with an aggregate-filled netting sleeve concentricall ...

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