Bertrand Vachon: Quick-hitching device for detachably mounting an attachment to a vehicle frame. ROBIC, March 23, 1993: US05195261 (52 worldwide citation)

A quick hitching device for detachably mounting an attachment such as a snow plow or a rotary brush to the frame of a road vehicle. The device comprises a quick hitching sub-frame that is detachably connectable to the bottom of the frame of the vehicle, and tiltable with respect to this frame about ...

Mark K Fine, Michael L Holben: Snow removal device. Geoff Chase, February 12, 1991: US04991324 (52 worldwide citation)

A manual snow removal device is disclosed having horizontally adjustably engageable component working surfaces allowing it to clear a wide or narrow swath depending on the operator capabilities, snow depth or weight and whether a sidewalk or drive way is being cleared. Handles, which can be pivoted ...

Carlisle A Middleton: Convertible snowblower using rectangular shroud interface. John F McClellan Sr, July 1, 1986: US04597203 (52 worldwide citation)

A basic snowblower unit powered by an engine has a rectangular shroud housing a fan with a drive member associated with it. A considerable number of special units including lawnmower, vacuum-and-bagger, leaf picker, edger, rotary tiller, leaf blower, sprayer, electric generator, hydraulic pump, and ...

Josef Pausch: Mobile vacuum machine. General Resource, Paul L Sjoquist, April 1, 1986: US04578840 (52 worldwide citation)

A vacuum cleaning machine for cleaning and removing industrial wastes, including hazardous waste products, mounted to the chassis of a truck having a collection tank thereon, including a flexible boom coupled to the collection tank and projecting forwardly, with a driver-actuable collection nozzle p ...

Zane L Asay: Manually operated snow plow or other utility device. Mallinckrodt & Mallinckrodt, March 27, 1990: US04910893 (51 worldwide citation)

A manually operated implement for performing a variety of tasks when equipped with a removable and replaceable utility device, includes a wheeled chassis having an elongate, longitudinal, chassis structural member extending forwardly and rearwardly in the implement centrally of the width thereof and ...

Michael E Miller: Rear mounted scraper for vehicles. Kalish & Gilster, January 25, 1983: US04369590 (51 worldwide citation)

Scraper apparatus for being carried at the rear of a vehicle such as a light truck or the like includes an attachment frame adapted for being carried by the vehicle beneath its chassis thereof at the rear of the vehicle. A blade-carrying frame for carrying the blade at the rear of the vehicle is piv ...

Gerald J Geerligs, Rick A Geerligs: Extendable drag plow. Glenn B Morse, February 28, 1995: US05392538 (49 worldwide citation)

The extendable drag plow provided by this invention has a laterally-fixed center section, and moveable outer sections positioned by a controllable actuator system. The moveable plow sections are equipped with followers engaging oppositely-extending pairs of guideways in the central plow section, wit ...

Bruce F Field, Daniel L Joynt, Jeffrey A Johnson, Joseph K Krueger, Bryan L Christensen: Cleaner cartridge. Tennant Company, Westman Champlin & Kelly, May 30, 2006: US07051399 (47 worldwide citation)

A cleaner cartridge includes a container having an interior cavity, in which cleaning agent can be stored. A first end of conduit is fluidically coupled to the interior cavity. A second end of the conduit is connectable to a chemical dispenser.

Michael P Weagley, Michael J Guggino, John W Singer: Folding pusher. Pro Tech Welding and Fabrication, Duane C Basch, Greenwald & Basch, July 30, 2002: US06425196 (46 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an apparatus for use on large areas such as parking lots and airport runways to remove snow and other debris or material therefrom. The apparatus includes at least two blades pivotally connected to one another, and mounting receptacle or bracket having a series of pairs of p ...

Misael Galvis: Handheld device for picking up objects. Charles C Logan II, January 10, 1995: US05380054 (46 worldwide citation)

A handheld device for picking up objects and its major components are a handgrip assembly, an elongated tubular member, a combination plunger and double bellcrank assembly, and structure connected to the front end of the bellcranks for picking up objects. The structure for picking up objects can be ...

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