Webster John L: Road construction and panel for making same. Reynolds Metal Company, January 7, 1975: US3859000 (247 worldwide citation)

A road construction comprised of a plurality of identical invertible polygonal panels with each panel comprising a plurality of single piece peripheral frame members fixed together to define a polygonal configuration and each of the members having a roughly L-shaped projection extending therefrom wh ...

Vaughan Desmond H: Expandable truss structure. General Dynamics Corporation, Duncan John R, Mohrlock Hugo F, January 8, 1974: US3783573 (33 worldwide citation)

A standard structural building module which is a three-dimension triangulated truss, capable of being retracted into a compact package for storage and shipment and then expanded on site for erection and connection to similar modules. Modules may be joined side-by-side or end-to-end to construct many ...

Brent J Labreche: Wheelchair ramp apparatus. E Michael Combs, July 5, 1994: US05325558 (29 worldwide citation)

A wheelchair ramp structure is arranged to include first and second U-shaped tracks hingedly mounted relative to one another cooperative and parallel to third and fourth U-shaped tracks, wherein the first and third U-shaped tracks include an adjusting connector link directed therebetween to provide ...

Kenneth Connold: Access means. GEC Mechanical Handling, Kirschstein Kirschstein Ottinger & Israel, October 2, 1984: US04473916 (22 worldwide citation)

A gangway designed to extend between a pair of relatively movable bodies (2, 50), such as an off-shore field rescue vessel and a rig or platform has a series of telescopic platforms (36, 37) defining a substantially planar walk-way surface and linked by a lazy-tong form of coupling (17, 18, 19, 20). ...

Glenn Raymond D: Floating pier with self adjusting stairway assembly. May 8, 1973: US3731761 (22 worldwide citation)

A buoyant pier is pivotally connected to the lower ends of laterally spaced, elongated, rigid support members with the other ends of the rigid support members pivotally connected to a supporting structure. Longitudinally spaced, parallel stair members extend horizontally between and are pivotally co ...

Donald G Everard, William Gorman: Portable, stowable knock-down ramp. Homecare Products, Christenson O Connor Johnson & Kindness, September 20, 1994: US05347672 (20 worldwide citation)

Several elongated tread plates are pivotally connected together to form the central load-bearing portion of a ramp. Rigid side rails can be latched to the assembly of tread plates to maintain the tread plates with their upper surfaces coplanar. The side rails can be unlatched from the tread plate as ...

Macomber Ray Marvin: Retractable pier. Torrey Edwin A, July 24, 1973: US3747354 (20 worldwide citation)

A portable pier or landing dock is provided for use, for example at small lakes and private cottages, comprising a pair of pier members hingedly affixed to each other with the end of one pier member hingedly mounted with respect to ground. A cable is connected to the distal end of the latter hinged ...

Laura M Thompson: Portable ramp. Sharon H Roddan Esq, October 15, 2002: US06463613 (19 worldwide citation)

A collapsible, portable ramp assembly, made of light weight materials and of a unitized construction whereby all components are a permanent part of the assembly, and which can be quickly and easily deployed to form a sturdy ramp for a variety of uses. The central, load-bearing portion of the ramp is ...

Delmar G Nichols Sr, Delmar G Nichols Jr: Foldable cable-supported ramp. Learman & McCulloch, October 25, 1988: US04779298 (18 worldwide citation)

A portable foldable ramp for bridging the space between ground level and a raised level such as the bed of a pickup truck, to permit the passage of the wheels of all-terrain vehicles and like products. The ramp has a pair of generally U-shaped ramp sections hingedly connected in end-to-end alignment ...

Tuval Miron: Modular roadway construction method and prefabricated units therefor.. Tuval Miron, Wexler Andre, July 18, 1984: EP0113661-A2 (17 worldwide citation)

Structural elements for use in constructing roadways, turnways, viaducts and the like comprise a rigid shell, a freeflowing filler material and at least one reinforcing rod or cable extending across the filler and tying at least two opposite walls of the shell.