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A compaction roller includes improved cleat assemblies which employ readily removable wear caps. One style of cleat assembly employs means inhibiting twisting of the cap unit about vertical and horizontal axes relative to a support base.

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Solid residues arising from the burning of solid wastes have lead and cadmium sufficiently insolubilized to pass the EPA toxicity test only where the pH in the EPA test is between 7.5 and 12.0. Addition of water soluble phosphate, especially phosphoric acid, increases the immobilization of lead and ...

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A self-propelled apparatus and method are disclosed for screeding placed and/or poured, uncured concrete or like loose, spreadable materials without use of prepositioned guides or rails. The apparatus includes a frame supported on hydraulically drive, steerable wheels, a cantilevered boom mounted on ...

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A companion roller for mounting on a driven compaction vehicle is equipped with both destructive and tractive, highly wear resistant cleat assemblies. The later includes readily removable wear caps with bulbous corner portions and broad wear faces. Anti twist projections and complementary recesses a ...

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On a compactor wheel having outer and inner cylindrical drums, the inner drum being mounted on the vehicle axle, there is provided an axially extending shroud. The shroud is equipped with a cover plate which together serves to define a cavity enclosing the axle seals and bearings preventing trash fr ...

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A powered lawn mower of the type particularly adapted for mowing greens on golf courses and having a powered vertically adjustable reel cutting unit is converted into a greensroller when a vibratory roller unit is substituted for each reel cutting unit. The vibratory roller unit has a drum, an unbal ...

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A road working machine for cutting into a road surface includes a power driven, cutting tooth carrying rotor comprising a plurality of rotor segments removably attached to a shaft to vary rotor width. Each of the segments includes a plurality of subsegments attached to one another and to the rotor b ...

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A compacting machine having a vibrating drum for compaction of ground material includes a controller. The drum is moved over a segment of the ground while a shear modulus and a plastic parameter of the segment of the ground are measured. From the measurements, in particular the value of the shear mo ...

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An earth and sanitary fill compaction roller has feet projecting from its cylindrical surface, the feet being arranged in circumferential and axially staggered relationships, and being of two different foot types: feet of high tractive characteristics with laterally disposed wedge faces organized in ...

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A compactor wheel comprises sets of tips each disposed in circumferential alignment therearound with the leading edge of a tip of one set being substantially aligned with the trailing edge of a tip of an adjacent set. Each tip comprises a body portion having a cross-shaped tip portion secured in ups ...