Sato Toshio: Artificial skating-rink floor. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, October 2, 1979: US04169688 (325 worldwide citation)

An artificial ice skating rink floor with a layer of cushion material thereon and a plurality of floor plates formed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethyene laid directly on the layer of cushion material with the floor plates held in position by plate-like and U-shaped insertion members.

Webster John L: Road construction and panel for making same. Reynolds Metal Company, January 7, 1975: US3859000 (243 worldwide citation)

A road construction comprised of a plurality of identical invertible polygonal panels with each panel comprising a plurality of single piece peripheral frame members fixed together to define a polygonal configuration and each of the members having a roughly L-shaped projection extending therefrom wh ...

Pittoni Pierluigi: Floor surface for fencing competitions. Sava Soc Alluminio Veneto, March 21, 1984: GB2126106-A (167 worldwide citation)

A piste for fencing competitions is made up of a number of rectangular parts arranged side-by-side in alignment, and interconnected by snap-interengagement of latch (27) and socket (29) components formed on two profile sections (11, 12) extending along the contact sides of adjacent aligned parts, th ...

Ettlinger Jr Ralph, Beall Glenn L: Modular floor mat. Economics Laboratory, October 7, 1975: US3909996 (141 worldwide citation)

A modular floor mat unit which can be used individually or in combination with adjoining floor mat modules to provide an elevated surface which insulates personnel or materials from the floor surface. The floor mat is a unitary structure comprised of a tread surface integrally attached to the top ed ...

Donald W Schmanski: Mobility guide tile for visually handicapped. Thorpe North & Western, December 29, 1987: US04715743 (130 worldwide citation)

A tile for positioning on walkways, crosswalks and other areas of pedestrian traffic for providing direction and warning to visually handicapped persons. The tile comprises a flat plate having a chamfered edge and including raised bumps coupled to a top surface of the plate and projecting upward the ...

Conner Jesse R: Method of making wastes non-polluting and disposable. Chemfix, Brown Murray Flick & Peckham, September 24, 1974: US3837872 (105 worldwide citation)

An aqueous solution of an alkali metal silicate is mixed with waste material and a silicate setting agent to cause the silicate and setting agent to react with each other. The proportions of the silicate and setting agent are such that the reaction converts the mixture into a consolidated chemically ...

Moriot Marc: Floor, wall or roof covering panel made from two layers with projecting edges having tenons and mortises which interlock with adjacent panel. Polystar, January 28, 2000: FR2781513-A1 (103 worldwide citation)

The panel is made in the form of two overlapping layers of material, each with two projecting edges which have their inner surfaces (23, 45) lying in the same plane. The two projecting edges of one layer have trapezoid-section surface tenons (34. 35) and the corresponding surfaces of the other two e ...

Gunter Barth, Fritz VON Langsdorff: Apparatus for placing paving elements. Dr Barth KG, F von Langsdorff Bauverfahren, Spencer & Kaye, September 18, 1979: US04168130 (101 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for taking paving elements from a store of such elements, moving them over a placing position and placing them successively onto the subsoil. In one preferred form the apparatus comprises a fork-lift truck having a mast, a jib carried by that mast, swivel means permitting the jib to be swi ...

Donald E Jacklich Sr: Molding process for forming a concrete paving block. Patnaude Videbeck & Marsh, May 18, 1993: US05211895 (96 worldwide citation)

A molded and cured concrete paving member for paving driveways, walkways, patios, plazas and the like, comprising portland cement, a coal slag aggregate, water and an acrylic additive. The blend is poured into a non-porous, high gloss polyvinylchloride (PVC) mold in a relative dry mix and is vibrate ...

Wayne H Beach: Rotatable bit having a resilient retainer sleeve with clearance. Kennametal, Matthew W Smith, February 8, 2005: US06851758 (94 worldwide citation)

A drilling bit for use in conjunction with a holder that has a bore wherein the drilling bit has a drilling bit body that has an axial forward end and an axial rearward end. The drilling bit body further includes a reduced diameter portion adjacent to the axial rearward end thereof so as to define a ...

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