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A road construction comprised of a plurality of identical invertible polygonal panels with each panel comprising a plurality of single piece peripheral frame members fixed together to define a polygonal configuration and each of the members having a roughly L-shaped projection extending therefrom wh ...

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Rubber-crumb-reinforced cement-concrete structures (such as mortar (0), cement board (30), concrete masonry units (40), and concrete pipe (50)) provide resistance to cracking, increase resistance to acid rain, lower weight, improve shock wave absorption, lower heat conductivity and improve the acous ...

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319,416. Dessau, M. M., and Flores, S. L. July 31, 1928. Flooring and paving tiles or blocks. - Floor covering or similar material is made by uniting a layer of rubber to a backing of sheet cork by vulcanization, without the intermediary of rubber solution. Unvulcanized rubber is spread upon sheet c ...

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A transportable modular assault vehicle water egress and bridge access/egress surfacing or trackway system wherein a plurality of rectangularly shaped planks or sections (12) are joined by flexible hinge members (24) and can be folded accordion fashion and suspended in a container for storing, trans ...

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The procedure provides for the mfr. of composite element (17) comprising a facing layer made of hard material associated with a sub-layer made of a material which is intended to be shaped within a mould and hardened in the required shape. The upper layer may, for example, be granite and the lower la ...

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The frame for laying wooden bricks is composed of wooden brick retainer sections arranged to accommodate the configuration of the wooden bricks to be actually laid with fixed seats for the wooden bricks. The seats are provided in the retainer sections and elastic flanges extend diagonally downward i ...

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1. Elastically resilient safety covering sheet, especially for floors, consisting of a rigid supporting body (2) and of a covering body (3) which is provided on the top side (8) of the latter and consists of elastically resilient material and which has a cover panel (4) which is held at a distance f ...

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An airport constructed on an open body of water, with at least the runway thereof being made up of a plurality of preformed rectangular, hollow, waterproof blocks formed from reinforced concrete and rigidly joined together in side-by-side relation. The blocks have vertically extending undercut groov ...

Diederich Warren B: Method of utilizing junk cars to produce building blocks. May 22, 1973: US3733675 (9 worldwide citation)

The method of compressing discarded cars into geometrically complementary shapes and coating the shapes with an air and water impervious material. The shapes can then be used for paving revetments, building retaining walls, or piled up to form dikes or jetties.

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The present invention makes it possible to dismantle and re-use a floor structure by effectively exhibiting the displacement preventing effect for each steel stock against an active load in case the floor structure is formed by arranged steel stocks in parallel. A floor structure comprises a plurali ...