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A wet wipe comprising a porous sheet impregnated with an aqueous lotion and, concentrated near the surface of the sheet, polymeric beads containing a functional ingredient which is useful for treating the human skin or environmental surfaces and which are characterized in providing controlled releas ...

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Quaternary ammonium compounds are provided which are useful in the treatment of cellulose pulp and paper to reduce inter-fiber bonding and thereby obtain a low mechanical strength.

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Security devices in the form of metalized plastic films are incorporated within a security paper such as banknotes and other valuable documents during the papermaking process for viewing solely by means of transmitted light. The devices comprise printing of extreme fine line clarity and high opacity ...

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Apparatus and method for the manufacture of a non-woven fibrous web such as paper from a dispersion of fibers in a foamed liquid in which fiber furnished in a foamed liquid comprising a solution of surfactant in water is discharged from a headbox into the nip of a twin forming wire prior to its pass ...

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A two component binder system comprising a highly dispersible, high specific surface area precipitated calcium carbonate (colloidal PCC) and a cationic starch, especially a cationic potato starch, for improving filler retention, opacity and strength during papermaking.

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A size mixture comprising a substituted cyclic dicarboxylic acid anhydride and polyoxyalkylene alkyl or alkyl-aryl ether or the corresponding mono- or di-ester is used to size paper products. In accordance with a preferred embodiment the liquid size mixture is added directly to the paper stock syste ...

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Disclosed is a fiber comprising, chemically bonded together, (a) a conventional cellulosic fiber, such as a Kraft fiber or a chemithermomechanical pulp fiber; (b) poly(acrylate-co-itaconate) copolymer, such as the acid form of a poly(acrylate-co-itaconate) copolymer comprising 90-95 mole % acrylate ...


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A method of making a cellulosic paper or paperboard by agitating an aqueous suspension of cellulose fibers until they become separated from each other and swollen. A sufficient amount of hydrocolloid is added to bind the water in the suspension such that no water will bleed out during a subsequent s ...