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A method for screening fibrous stock slurry having a rotor impeller and a screen, in which accepts quality and throughput may be adjusted without stopping the screening process by relative displacement of the clearance between the rotor and the screen plate. In one version, this relative displacemen ...

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Pitch formation in paper mill pulp systems may be inhibited by treating such systems, at a point prior to where pitch deposits normally occur, with at least 0.5 ppm, based on the weight of the pulp, of a composition comprising:

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The invention is directed to the use of polyvinyl alcohol to control the problem of "stickies" in waste paper processing.

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A process for preventing deposition of pitch in papermaking comprising incorporating in a paper pulp slurry a water-soluble linear cationic polymer comprised of units of the formula ##STR1## wherein A is a (C.sub.2 -C.sub.3) alkylene group,

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