Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Direct synthesis of aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution at the site of a paper mill. Arkema France, May 5, 2011: US20110104044-A1

The invention relates to a plant for producing hydrogen peroxide by direct synthesis (i.e. hydrogen reacts with oxygen in the presence of a catalyst), which is on-site at a paper mill. The invention relates to a method for manufacturing hydrogen peroxide by direct synthesis from hydrogen originating ...

Stephen J Sudall, Steven A Engel: Uncreped throughdried towels and wipers having high strength and absorbency. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Gregory E Croft, March 21, 1995: US05399412 (126 worldwide citation)

Uncreped throughdried basesheets can be made with the caliper of the basesheet being independent of the basis weight of the basesheet. Multi-ply wipers and towels produced by plying together two or more of such basesheets having a relatively low basis weight can provide products with improved calipe ...

Michael A Hermans, Robert J Makolin, Kristin A Goerg Wood, Fung jou Chen: Method of treating papermaking fibers for making tissue. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Gregory E Croft, March 26, 1996: US05501768 (123 worldwide citation)

The throughdryability of dewatered, but wet, sheets made from papermaking fibers can be significantly increased by subjecting an aqueous suspension of the fibers at high consistency to elevated temperatures with sufficient working of the fibers. Such a treatment is particularly effective for improvi ...

David L Brink: Method of treating biomass material. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, July 16, 1996: US05536325 (96 worldwide citation)

Two stage hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material, conditions during the first stage being such as to hydrolyze or depolymerize the hemicellulosic component without substantial degradation of resulting monosaccharides, conditions during the second stage being such as to hydrolyze the cellulose to glu ...

Richard C Wingerson: Method of treating lignocellulosic biomass to produce cellulose. PureVision Technology, Hogan & Hartson, July 16, 2002: US06419788 (85 worldwide citation)

A multi-function process is described for the separation of cellulose fibers from the other constituents of lignocellulosic biomass such as found in trees, grasses, agricultural waste, and waste paper with application in the preparation of feedstocks for use in the manufacture of paper, plastics, et ...

Jairo H Lora, Raphael Katzen, Malcolm Cronlund, Chih F Wu: Recovery of lignin. Repap Technologies, Dilworth Paxson Kalish & Kauffman, August 16, 1988: US04764596 (84 worldwide citation)

Lignin is precipitated in high yields and at high rates from a black liquor produced by pulping wood at high temperatures and pressures with an aqueous lower aliphatic alcohol solvent. The lignin is precipitated by diluting the black liquor with water and an acid to form a solution with a pH of less ...

Atef Shaban, George D Suciu: Process of pulping and bleaching fibrous plant material with tert-butyl alcohol and tert-butyl peroxide. ABB Lummus Crest, Elliot M Olstein, Raymond J Lillie, October 12, 1993: US05252183 (83 worldwide citation)

A process for producing bleached pulp from a fibrous plant material (e.g., wood), wherein the material is contacted with an alcohol solvent in a pulping zone to extract lignin from the fibrous plant material. The resulting pulp is then treated with a hydroperoxide or peroxide bleaching agent in a bl ...

Momtaz N Mansour, Kanda Swamy Durai Swamy, David W Warren: Indirectly heated thermochemical reactor apparatus and processes. Manufacturing and Technology Conversion International, Dority & Manning, October 22, 1991: US05059404 (83 worldwide citation)

Resonant tubes of a pulse combustor are immersed in a bed of solid particles in a reaction zone to provide indirect heat from the pulsating combustion gases to the solid particles of the bed. The bed is maintained in an agitated state by a gas or vapor flowing through the bed. Reactant materials are ...

Kokko Bruce Jerome: High bulking resilient fibers through cross linking of wood pulp fibers with polycarboxylic acids.. James River, August 7, 1991: EP0440472-A1 (82 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to resilient bulking fibers prepared by crosslinking wood pulp fibers with polycarboxylic acids.

Robert L Barcus, David W Bjorkquist: Poly(methyl vinyl ether-co-maleate) and polyol modified cellulostic fiber. The Procter & Gamble Company, Rose Ann Dabek, Jerry J Yetter, R C Witte, September 17, 1991: US05049235 (80 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a fiber comprising, chemically bonded together, (a) a conventional cellulosic fiber, such as a Kraft fiber or a chemithermomechanical pulp fiber; (b) poly(methyl vinyl ether-co-maleate) copolymer, such as the acid form of a 1:1 (molar) poly(methyl) vinyl ether-co-maleate) copolymer, pre ...