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A method of producing a composite elastic material comprises stretching an elastic web to elongate it, for example, elongating a nonwoven web of meltblown elastomeric fibers, and bonding the elongated web to at least one gatherable web, such as a spunbonded polyester fiber material, under conditions ...


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The invention provides composite elastic nonwoven fabrics and the process of making them. The composite elastic fabrics of the invention include an elastomeric net and at least one fibrous web including binder fibers and which is intimately hydroentangled with the elastomeric net. At least a portion ...

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A composite nonwoven elastomeric web material, and method of forming such material, as well as a nonwoven elastomeric web material and method of forming such material, are disclosed. The composite web material is provided by hydraulically entangling a laminate of at least (1) a layer of meltblown fi ...

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Abrasive articles comprising precisely shaped particles are disclosed. The particles are bonded together to form a shaped mass, e.g., a wheel; alternatively, the particles can be bonded to a backing to form a coated abrasive article; or the particles can be bonded into a fibrous, nonwoven substrate ...

Gary A Jacobsen: In-line printing production of three dimensional image products incorporating lenticular transparent material. Davis Chin, May 19, 1998: US05753344 (114 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of producing in a single in-line process a printed image suitable for creating an illusion of depth in the perception of a viewer of the image, comprising the steps of:

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Describes improved composite material comprising an elastic web preferably formed of collected, entangled, nonwoven fibers comprising a copolymer made of ethylene and at least one other vinyl monomer selected from the group including vinyl ester monomers and unsaturated aliphatic monocarboxylic acid ...


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A polyurethane adapted for making non-ionic aqueous polyurethane dispersions without an added emulsifier is prepared by reacting a conventional organic diisocyanate and an organic compound having groups reactive with isocyanato groups and having a side chain which contains repeating --O--CH.sub.2 -- ...

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A wet wipe which is elastic in at least one direction, and includes an elastic sheet having at least one non-elastic non-woven web joined thereto at least at two areas. The non-elastic web is gathered between said two areas and a liquid is distributed within the sheet and/or the web. The sheet is pr ...