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Microtextured elastomeric laminates comprising at least one elastomeric layer and at least one thin skin layer is preferably prepared by coextrusion of the layers followed by stretching the laminate past the elastic limit of the skin layers in predetermined regions of the laminate and then allowing ...

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An elastic film is provided with non-elastic regions and elastic regions formed from a multi-layer film of an elastomeric layer and relatively inelastic layers(s).

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An article having a thermally-elasticizable strip along a marginal portion is elasticized by directing heated air towards the strip at at least two different angles relative to the plane of the strip and at a velocity sufficient to cause oscillation of the marginal portion bearing the thermally-elas ...


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An article including at least one segment which is capable of being elastically shirred along at least a portion of its length subsequent to manufacture of the article, preferably by mechanical manipulation of a predetermined portion of the elastically shirrable segment. The predetermined mechanical ...


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