Elmer N Leslie, Bobby L Higgins: Fluid jet cutting system. Camsco, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak, September 7, 1976: US03978748 (73 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method are disclosed utilizing a high strength fluid jet in an operative cutting system. A computer driven carriage and nozzle movable on the carriage effectuate cutting in the X-Y direction and a sensor arrangement is used to position the nozzle in the Z-direction. The workpiece rests ...

David R Pearl: Fluid jet cutting apparatus. Gerber Garment Technology, McCormick Paulding & Huber, September 12, 1978: US04112797 (55 worldwide citation)

A fluid jet cutting apparatus comprises a computer positioned fluid jet cutting tool supported for movement above and relative to a bed of parallel plates which have upper knife edge portions disposed in a common plane to define a fluid penetrable material supporting surface. Energy absorbing materi ...

George J Buese: Method of making a stretchable orthopaedic fiberglass casting tape. Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics, Michael Q Tatlow, May 14, 1991: US05014403 (43 worldwide citation)

A method of making a non raveling stretchable fiberglass fabric by knitting an elastic yarn under tension into the fabric in the length direction, releasing the tension from the elastic yarn to compact the fabric and removing the elastic yarn from the fabric.

Parry Frank: Ultrasonic seaming and cutting apparatus. Branson Instruments Incorporated, Steinberg Ervin B, December 3, 1974: US3852144 (42 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic seaming and cutting apparatus comprises a resonant horn, a rotating anvil wheel and a cutting surface disposed in juxtaposition with the anvil wheel. The cutting surface preferably is formed by a peripheral portion of a disk which is stationary, but incrementally rotatable to present s ...

Heinz J Gerber, David R Pearl: Fluid cutting jet receiver. Gerber Garment Technology, McCormick Paulding & Huber, February 6, 1979: US04137804 (40 worldwide citation)

A cutting machine utilizing a high velocity fluid cutting jet for cutting is provided with a receiver to absorb the cutting jet after it passes through sheet material in a cutting operation. The receiver comprises a jet-deflection chamber having an inlet positioned to receive the fluid jet and an in ...

Finke Theodore R: Apparatus for cutting strip material in variable lengths. The Euclid Products Co, October 3, 1972: US3695133 (39 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for cutting strand material, such as fabric strip material into finite segments of a preselected length. An end length of strip material is fed past a cutting mechanism until a desired length has been advanced. Then the feeding is stopped by an adjustable, length control mechanism operativ ...

David R Pearl: Fluid jet apparatus for cutting sheet material. Gerber Garment Technology, McCormick Paulding & Huber, January 26, 1982: US04312254 (38 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for cutting limp sheet material comprises a computer-positioned fluid jet cutting tool supported for movement above and relative to a bed of vertically elongated upwardly projecting members which have pointed free upper ends disposed in a generally common plane to define a fluid permeable ...

Ochi Mitsuzo, Nakano Shoji, Hosakawa Masashi: Method for manufacturing wearable article components.. Unicharm, November 7, 1990: EP0396050-A2 (36 worldwide citation)

A manufacturing method of structural parts for wearing products is described which allows partial webs having one concavoconvex edge to be attached to other parts of the product in a high speed process of manufacturing these vearing products. A concavoconvex cutting line (33) is applied in the longi ...

Pierre Bonnet, Remy Villaret: Method and apparatus for a reciprocating lay system of profile pieces on a base for the purpose of plotting and/or cutting. Etablissements G Imbert, Robert J Koch, April 19, 1988: US04739487 (36 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a reciprocating process and apparatus for laying profile pieces on a base in view of plotting and/or cutting off.

Chadwick Ray F, Kurko Michael C, Corriveau Joseph A: Nozzle for producing fluid cutting jet. The Bendix Corporation, September 4, 1973: US3756106 (35 worldwide citation)

A nozzle for producing high pressure liquid coherent jets for fluid jet cutting is described, the nozzle being constructed of a corundum crystal having an orifice formed therein of a specific disclosed geometry in which a convergent entrance section merges into a straight-sided exit section, and in ...

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