Leif Andersson: Suturing instrument. Innova, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, December 10, 1985: US04557265 (140 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to suturing instrument for joining two edges of biological tissue together. The instrument includes a housing (1) in which there is movably arranged an arcuate suture needle (16) having a point (17) arranged to penetrate the tissue, and the suture thread (18) connected to the s ...

Kenneth B Higgins: Carpet tile with stabilizing material embedded in adhesive layer. Milliken Research Corporation, Earle R Marden, H William Petry, June 11, 1985: US04522857 (68 worldwide citation)

A freelay tufted or bonded carpet tile which has a carpet base of foam thereon to increase the comfort level and decrease fatigue to the person or persons walking thereon and also lowers the noise level due to a decrease in accoustical value.

James W Slouf, Elizabeth J Slouf: Embroidery tool. Frank A Lukasik, May 5, 1992: US05109780 (61 worldwide citation)

An embroidering tool comprising a barrel serving as an outer shell with a slot having notches for receiving a pin located on the outer surface of a shaft inserted into the bore. An interchangeable tip having a cannular needle pressed therein is inserted into an axial bore within the shaft and locked ...

Michio Hisatake, Takeshi Kongo, Hidenori Sasako, Yoshikazu Ebata: Embroidering machines having graphic input means. Janome Sewing Machine, Dann Dorfman Herrell and Skillman, March 12, 1991: US04998489 (59 worldwide citation)

An embroidering machine is provided with a display section which is retractable within a machine housing and can be pulled to an operational position when in use for select/input operation. Several kinds of select/input operation can be made with a single display means, by suitably changing and sele ...

Zbigniew Religa, Bogdan Stolarzewicz, Romuald Cichon, Marek Kryzskow, Jolanta Stozek: Process and apparatus for the production of a heart valve prosthesis. Nika Health Products, Oliff & Berridge, February 6, 1996: US05488789 (57 worldwide citation)

An elastic textile covering is applied over an annular support of a heart valve prosthesis by inserting the preferably collar shaped textile covering through the annular support, turning two projecting axial ends of the textile covering over the outer surface of the annular support and then joining ...

Roy T Card: Dual shiftable needle bars for tufting machine. Tuftco Corporation, Harrington A Lackey, January 4, 1983: US04366761 (57 worldwide citation)

A tufting machine having a pair of transversely shiftable needle bars and pattern-controlled discrete actuator means for independently shifting each of said needle bars in accordance with predetermined patterns.

Terrence M Fortuna: Method for producing a raised applique on a substrate and articles made therefrom. Lynn E Cargill, April 13, 2004: US06718895 (56 worldwide citation)

A method for securing a raised appliqué to a substrate and the articles resulting therefrom. The preferred method includes various steps of digitizing an ornamental pattern into a computer format, then using that format to stitch, cut, and embroider an appliqué and wadding material onto a substrate, ...

Roy T Card, Brooks E Taylor: Method and apparatus for producing enhanced graphic appearances in a tufted product and a product produced therefrom. Card Monroe Corporation, Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead, October 22, 1991: US05058518 (54 worldwide citation)

A tufting machine with front and back laterally shiftable needle bars carry needles for producing loops in a backing material the accent yarns being fed to the needles by yarn feed controls and the border yarns by standard feed. The operation of the yarn feed controls is electrically operated by a c ...

Thomas C Stephens, Teri L Frauenfelder Krock: Geosynthetics. Nicolon Corporation, James L Kilpatrick Stockton Ewing IV, July 29, 1997: US05651641 (52 worldwide citation)

Tufted mats for a broad variety of erosion control, turf reinforcement, and earth reinforcement applications. The mats are formed of scrim which is tufted, preferably on conventional carpet machinery, with a number of tufted ends in order to provide high tensile strength, greatly porous and flexible ...

Michael N Allen: Combination embroidery/screen printing apparatus and method. Litman McMahon & Brown, September 8, 1992: US05144899 (52 worldwide citation)

A combination embroidery/screen printing apparatus and method comprises an inner hoop cooperating with an outer hoop for clamping and planarly confining a selected area of a textile substrate as a reproduction of a selected pattern is formed thereon, a framed screen for forming selected first portio ...

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