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New sorbent sheet products are prepared comprising a coherent web of entangled blown fibers prepared by extruding liquid fiber-forming material into a high-velocity gaseous stream and an array of super absorbent polymeric particles dispersed within the web.

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A partially tied surgical knot is disclosed. It has a proximal loop, first loop, plurality of knot loops, and a core loop received in a common loop core formed by the knot loops. The partially tied knot can be readily converted into a non-slip knot to provide enhanced suture knot security. The techn ...

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The present invention provides a sliding and locking knot that does not require an additional half hitch to lock and suture retaining structures having such a knot. The sliding and locking knot has a low knot profile suitable for use in surgical areas with low clearance and to avoid interference wit ...

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A knot formed by providing a bight in a strand, then forming a lark's head in the bight so as to produce a pair of adjacent loops and a pair of free ends extending from the loops, then passing the free ends around the object and passing them through both said loops in series, and then tying at least ...

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A flat hernia implant with a flexible fabric formed from at least two textile fabric structures constructed substantially independently of one another and firmly interconnected over the entire surface area of the hernia implant so as to form a composite structure, is made available for use in surger ...

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A tonneau cargo net is fabricated of a single length of a low-friction rope formed into a knitted type of array having a substantially rectangular perimeter. The net consists of a multitude of non-jamming interlaced junctures having substantially the configuration of an overhand knot. The junctures ...

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A low cost, high web integrity fabric that can be economically produced and tailored to provide a variety of different combinations of characteristics and properties for different end uses. It is a fabric wherein the strength in any direction can be predetermined and also wherein the elasticity in a ...

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Disclosed is an absorbent body of nonwoven material formed of randomly distributed thermoplastic endless filaments which contain embedded hydrophilic or oleophilic staple fibers and in some cases swelling particles. Also disclosed is a one-step process for the production of the absorbent body.

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A method for producing netting is disclosed wherein a first plurality of flexible threads of plastic material are positioned in spaced parallel relationship. A second plurality of spaced, parallel and flexible threads extend transversely across the first threads. A plurality of small masses of plast ...

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Invention-wise three-dimensional net made by warp knitting has high shape retainability in three-dimensional cords defining three-dimensional mesh spaces, capability of suppressing direction dependency, superiority in structural stability and pressure resistance, capability of retaining a suitable d ...