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Flexible sheet material adapted for use as heat resistant gaskets, heat insulation, eletrical insulation and support media in the form of a bonded fibrous web containing vermiculite, organic fibers and binder material.

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In the apparatus of the present invention, a twist-tie is shown formed of a layered flexible material. A wire is affixed along the length of this layer of plastic material and adhesively engaged thereto. The surface of adhesive and the wire is over fixed with a peelable layer of material which cover ...

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A gift package includes a self-forming bow, in which the operating ribbons are elongated and formed as an integral part of a gift presentation or gift-receiving bag, with the operating ribbons generally encircling the bag at the open top thereof, whereby pulling the bow-forming ribbons closes the ba ...

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Apparatus for mechanically fabricating prefabricated bow forms from two strips of decorative ribbon material and including a drawstring partially bonded to the ribbon, said apparatus comprising a ribbon and drawstring supply, motor means, a ribbon bonding assembly for bonding said ribbon materials t ...

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A bow-forming ribbon has a decorative flexible ribbon member and a drawstring connected loosely to the ribbon at points along its length by relatively stiff retainer members. Each retainer member extends generally transversely across the ribbon member, and each is inclined with respect to the transv ...

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An apparatus for winding ribbon-like material into decorative bows comprises a base member having a plurality of apertures adapted to receive a plurality of spaced pegs around which the ribbon is wound in a desired pattern. A first plurality of apertures is sized to receive pegs of one diameter, and ...

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A spray-like decorative ornament for use in gift-wrapping a package comprises a rigidifying core having top and bottom edges and a strip of metal foil wound about the core, a section of the strip being of greater height than the core and the top portion of the strip being vertically slit to define a ...

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An adhesive laminate comprising, in combination, a decorative plastic sheet, a layer of normally tacky, pressure-sensitive adhesive surfacing one side of the sheet, and a thin layer of an effective amount of a non-tacky compatible, non-heat-advancing thermoplastic coating surfacing the pressure-sens ...

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A ribbon assembly including face-to-face bow ribbons attached together at spaced locations around a pull member attached to their ends that can be pulled to gather the bow ribbons into a bow. Upon such pulling an end portion of the assembly is pulled between the attachment locations to hold the bow ...

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An artificial-flower-forming ribbon having an overlapped pair of strips and strings placed longitudinally in the middle of strips and therebetween. One end of the string is joined to those of the strips, and both strips are adhered to each other at a plurality of line areas spaced apart in the longi ...