Bruce M Pernick: Weft knit wicking fabric and method of making same. Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation, Bell Seltzer Intellectual Property Law Group of Alston & Bird, April 7, 1998: US05735145 (148 worldwide citation)

A multi-layer weft knit fabric for absorbing moisture and wicking it from a first fabric layer to a second layer is described, as well as a method for making the fabric. The multi-layer fabric includes a first hydrophobic layer and a second hydrophilic layer, with the layers being secured together b ...

James L Thorneburg: Ski sock with integrally knit thickened fabric areas. Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson, February 15, 1983: US04373361 (143 worldwide citation)

Each embodiment of the ski sock of the present invention includes additional yarn knit in plated relationship with the body yarns to form a thickened fabric area extending down the front portion of the leg of the sock to cushion and protect the front portion of the leg of the wearer from discomfort ...

James L Thorneburg: Athletic socks with integrally knit arch cushion. Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson, March 17, 1981: US04255949 (142 worldwide citation)

The present athletic socks are particularly suitable for jogging and running and are provided with shock absorber cushion pads (C) in the inner portions (16a, 36a) of the arch areas (16, 36) and being formed by a sufficiently greater amount of yarn being knit in the inner arch portions (16a, 36a) th ...

Robert A Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration with respect to an invention of Frosch, Richard P Tschirch, Kenneth R Sidman: Heat sealable, flame and abrasion resistant coated fabric. Russell E Schlorff, John R Manning, Marvin F Matthews, August 18, 1981: US04284682 (116 worldwide citation)

Flame retardant, abrasion resistant elastomeric compositions comprised of thermoplastic polyurethane polymer and flame retarding amounts of a filler selected from decabromodiphenyloxide and antimony oxide in a 3:1 weight ratio, and decabromodiphenyloxide, antimony oxide, and ammonium polyphosphate i ...

François Régis Ory, Michel Therin, Alfredo Meneghin: Isoelastic prosthetic filet stitch fabric. Sofradim Production, Oliff & Berridge, June 25, 2002: US06408656 (115 worldwide citation)

This knit is produced on the basis of a biocompatible polymer material monofilament, whose pattern is defined by a front lap and a rear lap of yarns knitted together and determines a plurality of cells each having a substantially polygonal shape. The pattern gives the knit a multidirectional tensile ...

Phillip D McCartney, Sheila W Voshell: Warp-knitted textile fabric shoe liner and method of producing same. Guilford Mills, Shefte Pinckney & Sawyer, October 31, 1995: US05461884 (100 worldwide citation)

A warp-knitted shoe liner fabric of a three-bar construction having a three-dimensional compressible character in the fabric's thickness dimension with a pattern of elongated coursewise underlaps at the fabric's technical back which, in use, is to be oriented to face inwardly of the interior foot-re ...

E C Tibbals Jr: Circular weft knitting machine. Annedeen Hosiery Mill, Rhodes Coats & Bennett, March 17, 1992: US05095720 (98 worldwide citation)

Methods for circular weft knitting of variegated articles and selectively programmable circular weft knitting machine apparatus for carrying out such methods including means for effecting selective, controlled two dimensional displacement of compound needle member components and associated sinker el ...

Lavada C Boggs: Elastic polyetherester nonwoven web. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Joseph P Harps, November 17, 1987: US04707398 (94 worldwide citation)

An elastomeric nonwoven web is formed by meltblowing fibers composed of a polyetherester. Nonelastic fibers and/or particulate materials may also be included in the web.

Claire Cole, Michael Starbuck, Phillip Sharrocks, Andrew Ratcliffe: Knitted fabric. Sara Lee Corporation, Ohlandt Greeley Ruggiero & Perle L, July 8, 2003: US06588237 (93 worldwide citation)

A knitted fabric comprising a plurality of knitted stitches which are interconnected to define a plurality of courses and wales, the knitted stitches being formed from a heat fusible yarn, with at least some of said stitches being formed from said heat fusible yarn plated with a ground yarn, the hea ...

Hinsch Bernhard Dr, Walther Christian Dr: Areal implant. Ethicon, October 1, 1997: EP0797962-A2 (93 worldwide citation)

An areal implant, in particular for abdominal wall closure, has a flexible basic structure made from a knitted fabric comprising non-resorbable or slowly resorbable material or a combination of such materials. The knitted fabric of the basic structure is designed to stretch more than the tissue regi ...

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