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A means for carrying out sequential, solid phase syntheses is disclosed as are methods of its use. The synthesis means comprises a foraminous container that encloses reactive particles. The particles are larger than any of the foraminae and have a known amount of covalently linked organic synthesis ...

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Mixtures of microfibers and crimped bulking fibers produce a lofty resilient web having properties that are unique for microfiber-based webs. Included in these properties are a combination of high thermal resistance per unit of thickness and moderate weight, as well as other properties which give th ...

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A reversibly necked material capable of stretching at least about 75 percent and recovering at least about 50 percent when stretched about 75 percent, typically in a direction generally parallel to the direction of necking. The reversibly necked material is made by applying a tensioning force to at ...

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A throughdrying fabric for the drying section of a papermaking machine is disclosed in several embodiments. In each embodiment, the fabric has a load-bearing layer and a sculpture layer. The sculpture layer is characterized by impression MD knuckles, in the present instance formed as warp knuckles f ...

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Papermachine clothing, for instance, a loop of imprinting fabric, is disclosed which is so woven that a top-surface-plane thereof is defined by coplanar crossovers of filaments of at least two sets of filaments (i.e., warp and shute filaments) and so that sub-top-surface crossovers are distributed i ...

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A flexible pipe adapted for connection in a drill string, having sufficient wall thickness in order to withstand forces imposed by drilling a well. The flexible pipe has a plurality of improved, essentially circumferential cuts, each cut being through the wall thickness of the pipe. The cuts provide ...

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An elastic laminated sheet of an incrementally stretched nonwoven fibrous web and elastomeric film and method of making are disclosed. The elastic laminates are especially useful in diapers, surgical gowns, sheets, dressings, hygienic products and the like.

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An artificial tubular organ composed of a tubular supporting frame (1) made of a plastic material and provided on its at least one surface with a medical prosthetic material (10). The supporting frame (1) is composed of a plurality of ring portions (2) arranged on an axis (A), and a plural pairs of ...

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There is disclosed a nonwoven web for use as a barrier layer in an SMS fabric laminate. The web is formed at commercially acceptable polymer melt throughputs (greater than 3 PIH) by using a reactor granule polyolefin, preferably polypropylene, that has been modified by the addition of peroxide in am ...

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A membrane for a seating structure including a plurality of groups of at least two adjacent and parallel strands of multifilament yarn and a plurality of monofilaments arranged in generally perpendicular interlocking relationship with the strands. The monofilaments weave alternatively above and belo ...