Tanaka Yoshihiro, Aihara Takatsugu, Otsuka Minoru: Electronically controlled sample warper.. Suzuki Warper, June 27, 1990: EP0375480-A2 (28 worldwide citation)

An electronically controlled sample warper (W) capable of warping a plurality of warp yarns simultaneously. In the warper, a plurality of warp yearns can be concurrently wound on a warping drum (A) with omitting a yarn exchanging step to eliminate any time loss for the yarn exchange, thus reducing t ...

Tajana Franco, Ballarati Vito: Method and apparatus for the production of weaving warps of monofilament thermoplastic synthetic yarn.. Val Lesina, April 23, 1986: EP0178644-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

Method for the preparation of a weaving warp or warp section (18) formed by monofilament thermoplastic synthetic yarns, characterized by the use of a spinning head (5) providing continuously the number of yarns required to form the warp, by the direct use of the bundle of so obtained yarns in the su ...

Douglas K Seaborn: Drawing and beaming a weftless warp of yarns. Monsanto Company, Kelly O Corley, October 4, 1983: US04407767 (26 worldwide citation)

A weftless warp of yarns being drawn and wound on a beam is fed through a tension detector, located prior to the drawing step and responsive to tension in any of the yarns equalling a predetermined non-zero level, for stopping the process. This prevents damage to or breakage of a yarn which might ha ...

Schroeder Peter: Apparatus for keeping a state of tension constant on a material web which runs between successive pairs of driving rollers. Paul Weber, June 6, 1972: US3667664 (26 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for keeping a state of tension constant on a material web which runs between successive pairs of driving rollers includes a torsion bar having a lever extension with a guide roller over which the material is directed. Sensing means are associated with the lever to sense variations of th ...

Scott O Seydel, William D Letbetter, William H Cutts: Porous warp sizing apparatus. Cort Flint, February 10, 1987: US04641404 (23 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for sizing warp yarn utilized in preparing a loom beam for weaving are disclosed. A porous application roll (A) is utilized for applying a sizing material onto a sheet of warp yarns (12) passing between a pressure roll (30) and the application roll. The application roll inclu ...

Isao Nagasawa: Apparatus for supplying packages to a creel. Murata Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha, Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz, November 8, 1988: US04783021 (21 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for supplying packages to a warper creel having a plurality of package supporting pegs comprises a lining station for lining up packages transported on a conveyor in a predetermined order, and a package exchanging apparatus located between the lining station and the positioned creel for ...

Dieter H Bluhm, Volker Drumm: Compact creel for large diameter yarn supply packages. American Barmag Corporation, Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson, February 25, 1986: US04572458 (18 worldwide citation)

This compact creel is adapted to continuously supply yarns from unusually large diameter yarn supply packages to a textile yarn processing machine having an elongate frame and a plurality of spaced-apart yarn processing stations therealong. The creel is formed with a row of closely spaced yarn suppo ...

Alan H Norris, Phillip W Chambley: Weave-de-weave process. Champion International Corporation, Evelyn M Sommer, October 10, 1978: US04118842 (18 worldwide citation)

A weave-de-weave process in which a plurality of weft loops are fluidly injected from opposite sides and normal to a plurality of warp yarns to form a composite tape. The tape is deweaved after the warp is space dyed by splitting the interior of the tape to expose the looped ends of the weft.

Bogdan Bogucki Land: Apparatus for beaming elastic threads. Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik, Omri M Behr, July 2, 1985: US04525905 (17 worldwide citation)

The arrangement can transfer with respect to a beam, elastic threads having a predetermined initial extension. The arrangement has a first device for imparting a first thread speed to the threads being transferred. Also included is a controller and at least one tension roller, the latter rotatably m ...

Karl R Grice Jr: Auto-leveler circuit. Fiber Controls Corporation, Cushman Darby & Cushman, August 7, 1979: US04163927 (17 worldwide citation)

A circuit for controlling the speed of a feed roller in a card or the like in which the sliver thickness is detected and a signal produced which is combined with signals representing feed and doff roller speeds, and a signal representing feed motor torque. The resulting signal is compared with a ram ...

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