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Braided line splices and methods of making such splices using an inverted sleeve formed from a part of the braided line sheath, the steps forming the sleeve being at least a part of the method. The sleeve is formed by inverting it (turning it inside out), and then running a braided line part through ...

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A rapid method and easy to use unitized test device is disclosed for determining the presence of Helicobacter pylori in a biological tissue specimen by detecting the presence of urease in the tissue. The system basically utilizes a multilayer test device for separating and optimizing the various rea ...

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A rope or line having a permanent loop of fixed diameter spliced in each end thereof provides for the suspension of innumerable articles in various industries, but is particularly well suited for use in underground mining, where it may be used to support continuous miner machine cables, electric, pn ...

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The present invention relates to the continuous ringless spinning machine for carrying out the piecing of supplied fiber and yarn end in a rotary spinning chamber, wherein a yarn piecing machine running along the spinning unit of the spinning machine stops in front of the detected spinning unit invo ...

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Nanofibers are produced having a diameter ranging from about 4 Å to 1 nm, and a nano denier of about 10

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In the "open end" spinning apparatus, the cover comprises, on the open side of the rotor (4, 7) one central flange (10) traversed over by, on the one hand, the output conduit (6) of the yarn and, on the other hand, the supply conduit (1) of the fibers. An interchangeable ring (11) surrounds the cove ...

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An optical cable is assembled by inserting dielectric optical waveguides into a filament having periodically reversing helical grooves. Dielectric optical waveguide is unwound from fixed reels by movement of the filament past the reels. A rotatable guide unit has flexible tubes through which dielect ...

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Disclosed are processes and articles for composite electroless coatings comprising at least two distinct layers, the first layer comprising a metal and/or a metal alloy plus particulate matter and the second layer comprising a metal and/or a metal alloy and being substantially free of particulate ma ...

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A yarn having soft, attractive handle and a structure such that staple fibers are intertwined with each other to cohere into a substantially non-twist yarn. The yarn is manufactured by supplying a substantially non-twist strand of staple fibers to a fluid treatment zone where the staple fibers are i ...

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A device (1) is used for twisting rope-shaped material (15), particularly of a larger cross section, with changing twist direction (SZ), consisting of a rotor (4) that changes direction and/or RPM, with two opposing chain drives (7) for the material (15), which are parallel to the rotor axis along a ...