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A process for removing an ionic impurity from an impure substantially non-aqueous liquid passes the impure non-aqueous liquid through at least one ion exchange compartment containing an ion exchange medium. The ion exchange compartment is separated from an anode compartment and a cathode compartment ...

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An apparatus for internally electropolishing tubes in which a plurality of elongate tubes are horizontally supported and rotatably driven about their length axes. An outlet fitting including an end dam permits rotation of the tube outlet end therein, allows escape of gases from the upper portion of ...

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This metal deposition/material removal technique modifies free-standing or submerged jet plating with an electromagnetic energy beam such as an intense laser beam, directed collinearly along the jet. Experiments were made to deposit gold contact areas on nickel plated beryllium-copper substrates use ...

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Aluminum substrates are electrograined for lithographic printing in an electrolytic cell using an electrolyte of hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, and a "regulated alternating current" whereby the inter-electrode voltage is applied with a higher anodic voltage than the cathodic voltage, the ratio of ...

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An electrochemical planarization apparatus for planarizing a metallized surface on a workpiece includes a platen, a conductive element disposed adjacent the platen and a polishing surface disposed adjacent the conductive element. A workpiece carrier is configured to carry a workpiece and press the w ...

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There is provided an apparatus and a process for using same for etching a metallic object (22), suitably a plate to prepare a metallic printing plate. The object is partially covered by a resist surface (14) wherein the exposed portions (16) of said metal, will be exposed to the action of an electro ...

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Disclosed are electropolishing methods for etching a substrate in self alignment. A hole is formed in a substrate in self alignment by using an electropolishing system, wherein a reaction tube, an etchant solution, an electrode, a constant current source and the silicon substrate, said etchant solut ...

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Purified resin particles are provided in an electrodeionization step for purifying resin particles having ion depletion compartments containing the resin particles and ion concentration compartments. Purified water having a purity of at least 1 megohm-cm is introduced into the ion depletion compartm ...

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An apparatus for disinfecting lenses includes a single hand-held case with a lens compartment and a power supply compartment. A battery powered unit disposed within the power supply compartment responds to activation of a switch on the case to generate an electric current which is coupled to a pair ...

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A process for treating a metallic implant consisting essentially of treating the metallic implant with a solution of hydrofluoric acid, which solution has a pH between 1.6 and 3.0.