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Polyimide-metal laminates are formed by etching the surfaces of a polyimide web with a glycol-containing etchant followed by electroless nickel or cobalt deposition and then by copper per deposition. The glycol containing etchant can be utilized to form through holes through the web.

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A process is provided for fabricating metallic patterns such as resonant RF-tuned circuits on a polyolefin film such as polyethylene or polypropylene film. The film is processed under conditions such as to maintain its mechanical integrity by being passed through a solvent plasticizing bath, an etch ...

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Copper or a copper alloy is electroplated to fill via/contact holes and/or trenches in a dielectric layer. A barrier layer is initially deposited on the dielectric layer lining the hole/trench. A thin conformal layer of copper or a copper alloy is sputter deposited on the barrier layer outside the h ...

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Metal-clad laminates in which the metal coating of the laminate is only from about 1 micron to about 20 microns in thickness are prepared by depositing a copper coating on a substrate which has been treated with a release agent, treating the upper side of the metal layer to improve the adhesive prop ...

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Flexible multilayer printed circuit boards are disclosed which utilize adhesiveless laminates interconnected in a generally superposed relationship by a conductive adhesive. In one embodiment, the adhesiveless laminates have relatively thin conductive layers and metallized through holes which exhibi ...

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Propylene polymer compositions that are easily plated with metals to provide strongly adherent coatings are provided. Typically, such compositions consist essentially of:

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Process for through-hole plating of printed circuit boards and multilayers by applying a conductive layer of a polythiophene onto the walls of the through-holes and electrodeposition of copper onto the walls of the through-holes, characterized in that a microemulsion of a monomeric thiophene of the ...

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A method of forming adherent metallized coatings on a substrate which is useful for the manufacture of printed circuit boards as well as other metal coated articles involves providing the substrate with a rubber-modified epoxy surface or coating, sputter etching at least 50 A. from the surface follo ...

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Metal-polymer composite articles, e.g., knobs, nuts, trimmings or ornaments, automotive components including grilles, headlamp bezels and surrounds, wheel covers, trim, hubs and like parts, having silvery hued metal surfaces comprise surface plating composed essentially of an alloy of tin and Group ...

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A method for metal plating the surface of an article formed from an organic plastic. The method includes a step of passing a current between two electrodes immersed in an electrolyte containing dissolved plating metal. One of the electrodes is the article to be plated and is provided with a surface ...