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Disclosed is a stripping composition for effectively removing an organic polymeric material from a substrate. The stripping composition is essentially free of phenol compounds and halogenated hydrocarbon compounds and contains a select amine compound and an organic polar solvent. It has been found t ...

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This invention comprises a method by which a carbon based film is deposited by ion beam deposition upon and chemically bonded to a substrate article. The carbon based film deposited by the method of this invention comprises an atomic initial layer, adjacent to and chemically bonded by carbide bondin ...

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A composition of matter is set forth which is useful for removing a photoresist material from a substrate. The composition comprises 10 to 90% by weight of a 2-pyrrolidinone compound of the formula ##STR1## 10 to 30% by weight of a diethylene glycol monalkyl ether of the formula

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A duplex coating and method for making same wherein a primary layer of metals or metal alloys is deposited on a superalloy substrate to seal the substrate against oxidation. A second layer of low density oxide is deposited on the surface of the primary layer. The primary layer has a rough surface so ...

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Stripping compositions for removing paints, varnishes, enamels, photoresists and the like, from substrates comprising compositions of

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This invention relates to a high temperature oxidation resistant thermal barrier coating system for a nickel-, cobalt-, or iron-base alloy substrate. An inner metal bond coating contacts the substrate, and a thermal barrier coating covers the bond coating.

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This invention is directed to an environmentally safe, water soluble stripping composition which contains a solution of water, a water soluble ester containing from 4 to 10 carbon atoms and an amount of hydrogen peroxide or compounds which generate hydrogen peroxide in situ; which peroxide concentra ...

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A sintered hard metal body is provided with a thin wear-resistant surface coating consisting of an outer layer of ceramic oxide and an intermediate layer of carbide or/and nitride.

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A method of chemically vapor-depositing a low-stress glass layer onto a substrate which is heated in an atmosphere including silane, oxygen, and an inert carrier gas, comprises the step of adding water vapor to the atmosphere to increase the water vapor content of the atmosphere substantially above ...

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Aggressive, water-soluble coating remover compositions are disclosed. The compositions contain .gamma.-butyrolactone, an organic acid, and water, and optionally include solvents, surfactants, thickeners, and rust inhibitors. The coating removers of the invention are uniquely effective in that they a ...