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Diamond tools and superpressure processes for the preparation thereof are described wherein the diamond content is present either in the form of a mass comprising diamond crystals bonded to each other or of a thin skin of diamond crystals bonded to each other. In each instance the diamond content is ...

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In one embodiment, a compact for tools, such as cutting, drilling and shaping tools, consists essentially of self-bonded abrasive particles. The bonded particles define a substantially continuous interconnected network of pores, dispersed throughout the compact. The method for making such a compact ...

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Nanometer-scale crystals of III-V semiconductors are disclosed, They are prepared by reacting a group III metal source with a group V anion source in a liquid phase at elevated temperature in the presence of a crystallite growth terminator such as pyridine or quinoline.

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The present invention is a rock bit insert including a polycrystalline diamond surface on an insert body having a head portion made from a material with elasticity and thermal expansion properties advantageously tailored for use in three types of rock bits, as well as the three types of rock bits ma ...

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Novel metal alloy compositions which are obtained in the amorphous state and are superior to such previously known alloys based on the same metals are provided; these new compositions are easily quenched to the amorphous state and possess desirable physical properties. Also disclosed is a novel arti ...

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An alloy capable of having the property of heat recoverability imparted thereto comprising 49.1 to 50.2 atomic percent of titanium, 2.1 to 4.7 atomic percent of iron and the remainder nickel.

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Protective layer for protecting a component against corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures comprises 0.5-2 wt.% rhenium, 15-21 wt.% chromium, 9-11.5 wt.% aluminum, 0.05-0.7 wt.% yttrium and/or at least one equivalent metal from the group containing scandium and the rare earth elements, 0-1 wt. ...

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Component made from a nickel-based super alloy contains (in wt.%) 9-11 chromium (Cr),3-5 tungsten (W), 0.5-2.5 molybdenum (Mo), 3-3.5 aluminium (Al), 3-5 titanium (Ti), 3-7 tantalum (Ta), 0-12 cobalt (Co), 0-1 niobium (Nb), 0-2 hafnium (Hf), 0-1 zirconium (Zr), 0-0.05 boron (B), 0-0.2 carbon (C), 1- ...

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This invention covers ceramic-metal compositions fabricated by infiltrating porous ceramic compact with a molten metal impregnant. A cold pressed compact of silicon boride, aluminum boride, boron, and (aluminum boride-boron) were each positioned between powdered aluminum in a vacuum furnace which en ...

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The present invention relates to a corrosion-resistant or oxidation-resistant coating for metallic components, in particular gas turbine components of superalloys based on nickel or cobalt. By adding rhenium, the life of protective coatings, in particular of the MCrAlY type, under corrosive or oxidi ...