Karen Buechler
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A method of converting metal-containing compounds into a metal or metal oxide by rapidly heating the metal-containing compound to an elevated temperature to instigate conversion and holding the metal-containing compound at the elevated temperature for a time sufficient to effect formation of the met ...

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Device comprising a helically shaped spiral spring and means for bringing the spring to expand from a first state of a certain diameter to a second state of larger diameter and vice versa, characterized thereby that said means are arranged to rotate the ends of the spring relative to each other with ...

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A hermetic expansion joint for use between conduits lined with refractory material and a tuyere stock for blast furnaces utilizing a plurality of such expansion joints. The expansion joints include a bellows coaxial with and connected to the exterior of the conduits to be coupled and, located within ...

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Processes for completing a well with a well liner which can be accomplished with a single placement of the equipment in the well.

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An environmentally sound process is described for the remediation of waste materials and oxides of metals that allows the separation, recovery and decontamination of metals. The method includes chemically reducing essentially all of a reducible toxic and potentially hazardous metal oxide of a metal- ...

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A metal scrap submergence device comprising an open top chamber including walls of a heat resistant material, an inlet positioned in a side wall of the chamber, an outlet positioned in the base of said chamber, and a ramp adjacent said side wall of the chamber.

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A molten metal pumping device is disclosed that comprises a pump base including at least one input port, a pump chamber, a chamber wall, and a discharge leading to an output port. A rotor is retained within the chamber and is connected to a rotor shaft. The device further includes a superstructure a ...

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There is provided a filtration and distribution device for a molten metal, which is in the form of a bag having parts made of a solid heat-resistant fabric and open areas made of an open weave heat-resistant fabric. At least some of the parts made of the solid heat-resistant fabric are replaced by r ...

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A method of producing iron from finely divided iron oxide comprising the steps of: mixing iron oxide or iron ore fines with finely divided coal and a binder to form a mixture, agglomerating the mixture by compacting, pelletizing, or briquetting the mixture to form agglomerates or pellets, introducin ...

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A process for the reduction of iron oxides to produce molten iron in which olivine is introduced into a blast furnace in addition to iron oxide bearing materials and in which there is high content of alkali metal oxides in the materials charged into the furnace, resulting in minimizing or preventing ...