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The invention relates to the prehydrolysis of lignocellulose by passing an acidic or alkaline solution through solid lignocellulosic particles with removal of soluble components as they are formed. The technique permits a less severe combination of pH, temperature and time than conventional prehydro ...

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An improved two-stage dilute-acid hydrolysis process and apparatus the continuous saccharification of ligno-cellulosic biomass, or other cellulosic material feedstocks, with higher efficiency and better economics than known art, is disclosed. It comprises two double-tube heat-exchanger and plug-flow ...

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Disclosed are processes and systems for the production of useful organic product from diverse lignocellulose-containing biomass having increased yield and efficiency over existing processes. In particular, the present invention integrates dilute acid hydrolysis and alkaline delignification technique ...

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The efficiency of enzymatic saccharification and fermentation of cellulose in a waste cellulose resource can be increased by a preliminary treatment with ionizing radiation. This irradiation of the waste cellulose resource can be accelerated by the preliminary addition of an aqueous alkali solution.