Apparatus for packing lump sugar in cartons or boxes. Hesser Maschf, August 9, 1962: GB903131-A (2 worldwide citation)

903,131. Packaging machines. HESSER MASCHINENFABRIK-A.G. FR. Oct. 5, 1960 [Nov. 4, 1959], No. 34194/60. Class 94(1). Apparatus for packing in cartons batches of sugar lumps &c., comprises two parallel conveyers, one for advancing the batches and the other for the cartons, and cooperating plungers to ...



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377,330. Moulding sugar. MANBRE & GARTON, Ltd., Winslow Road, Hammersmith, and BERRY, E. A., 91, Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, both in London. May 8, 1931, No. 13604. [Class 87 (ii).] Sugars which are liquid during manufacture and subsequently crystallize into a solid mass, such as invert sugar ...

Improvements in machines for cutting sugar or the like. Raffincrie Tirlemontoise, June 9, 1922: GB159899-A (1 worldwide citation)

159,899. Imray, O. Y., (Soc. Anon. Raffinerie Tirlemontoise). March 9, 1921. Sugar cutters. - A feeding-device for a sugar-cutting machine consists of two portions, of which one brings the sugar up to the cutters and the second moves it while it is being cut and regulates the size of the cut pieces. ...

Katayama Yukuo: リグノセルロースまたはセルロースを含有する物質の処理方法 (JA), Method of treating substance containing lignocellulose or cellulose (EN). KEM CORPORATION, Matsui Mitsuo, February 4, 2010: WO/2010/013324

A method of converting a substance containing lignocellulose or a substance containing cellulose into a substance capable of converting into ethyl alcohol by yeast, characterized in that a mixture composed of 1 part by weight of the substance and 0.5 to 5 parts by weight of water is stirred in a ves ...

Cafano Giuseppe, Cafano Raffaele: Process and machinery for producing and packaging individual portions containing flavourings and aromas to improve beverages and food in general by adding them at the time of consumption. Bma Snc Di Cafano Giuseppe E Raffaele, Cafano Giuseppe, Cafano Raffaele, DI GIOVANNI Italo, September 6, 2002: WO/2002/067699

Process and machinery for the production (80) and packaging of soluble individual portions, the purpose of which is to improve beverages and food in general, both cooked and raw, at the moment of their consumption, comprising additive components in granules, for spicing, flavouring, supplements in g ...

Vertegaal Wilhelmus Gerardus D: Appareil de rangement dobjets dans un conteneur. Stork Bepak, January 25, 1980: FR2429709-A1

Dispositif d'emballage de morceaux de sucre fournis sur une courroie convoyeuse en une ou plusieurs files, comportant un certain nombre de bandes de guidage situées au-dessus du convoyeur et entraînées en mouvement alternatif, des organes de prise à l'extrémité du convoyeur, servant à transférer des ...

Apparatus for arranging objects in a container. Stork Bepak, January 16, 1980: GB2024763-A

Apparatus for placing objects, such as sugar cubes, in a plurality of layers into a container 3 comprises one or more pairs of guide members 22b arranged above the conveyor 7 and corresponding in number to the number of rows of objects, means such as fluid pressure operated piston and cylinder units ...

Sugar mill and method of extraction of sugar. Usm, November 9, 1979: FR2422721-A1

L'invention décrit un broyeur à quatre cylindres réglables pour déplacer et broyer de la betterave ou canne à sucre découpée afin d'en extraire la saccharose.