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Methods and apparatus for collecting and processing tissue to produce an endothelial cell product having a vessel for rinsing, draining, digesting and isolating tissue. The vessel has a rinsing and digesting chamber for containing tissue during processing. An inlet in the rinsing and digesting chamb ...

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Der Gehalt an phosphorhaltigen Bestandteilen, inbesondere Phosphatiden, wie Lecithin, sowie der Eisengehalt in pflanzlichen und tierischen, vorzugsweise vorentschleimten Ölen, z.B. Sojaöl, werden erfindungsgemäss durch enzymatischen Abbau mittels Phospholipase A1, A2 oder B vermindert.

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A method of producing fuel from biodegradable carbonaceous material using a stacked particle bioreactor is provided. A stacked particle bioreactor is formed from particles including biodegradable carbonaceous material. The biodegradable carbonaceous material in the stacked particle bioreactor is aer ...

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A cellulase preparation consisting essentially of a homogeneous endoglucanase component which is immunoreactive with an antibody raised against a highly purified SIMILAR 43kD endoglucanase derived from Humicola insolens, DSM 1800, or which is homogeneous to said SIMILAR 43kD endoglucanase, may be em ...


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The present invention relates to new compounds which are useful as ultraviolet absorbing agents (UVAs) and as fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs), and to a method of improving the sun protection factor (SPF) of textile fibre material, especially cotton, polyamide and wool, treated with the new compo ...

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