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The embodiments provide compounds of the general Formulae I, II, EI, IV, V, VI, VII, and X, as well as compositions, including pharmaceutical compositions, comprising a subject compound. The embodiments further provide treatment methods, including methods of treating a hepatitis C virus infection an ...

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Individuals in whom Type 2 diabetes mellitus has not yet presented, but in whom there is an increased risk of developing such condition, can be treated prophylactically with a glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor; a glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor and a non-glycogen phosphorylase inhibiting anti-diabet ...

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Compounds which are useful as inhibitors of cholesterol biosynthesis and thus as hypocholesterolemic agents are provided which have the structure wherein Q is or a bond; Z is -(CH2)n- or -(CH2)p-CH=CH-(CH2)m-, wherein n is 1 to 5; p is 0, 1 or 2; m is 0, 1 or 2; R, R and R are the same or different ...


Bacterial strain and genome of bifidobacterium. Nestle, July 31, 2002: EP1227152-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

The present invention pertains to a novel microorganism of the genus Bifidobacterium longum, in particular to its genomic sequence and the nucleotide sequences encoding polypeptides of Bifidobacterium NCC2705 (CNCM I-2618), which are secreted or specific or which are involved in the metabolism, in t ...

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The present invention is directed to compounds which inhibit farnesyl-protein transferase (FTase) and the farnesylation of the oncogene protein Ras. The invention is further directed to chemotherapeutic compositions containing the compounds of this invention and methods for inhibiting farnesyl-prote ...

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An anticoagulant/modulator factor isolated from the saliva of the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis, specifically inhibiting bovine Xa factor but not inhibiting bovine thrombin.


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This invention relates to T7-type DNA polymerases and methods for using them including a method for determining the nucleotide base sequence of a DNA molecule, comprising annealing said DNA molecule with a primer molecule able to hybridize to said DNA molecule; incubating separate portions of the an ...

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This invention relates to a novel class of hydroxamic acid based collagenase inhibitor derivatives of the formula wherein R is C1-C6 alkyl; R is C1-C6 alkyl, benzyl, hydroxybenzyl, benzyloxybenzyl, (C1-C6 alkoxy)benzyl, or benzyloxy(C1-C6 alkyl); a is a chiral center with optional R or S stereochemi ...