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Compounds of the formula the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein Q and R are as defined below, and novel carboxylic acid and acid halide intermediates used in the synthesis of such compounds. The compounds of formula I are inhibitors of acyl coenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase (AC ...

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This invention relates to activated electrophilic ketone analogs of certain peptidase substrates which are useful in inhibiting serine-, carboxylic acid- and metallo- proteolytic senzymes, the inhibition of which will have useful physiological consequences in a variety of disease states.


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Oligopeptide analogs are described. These compounds are useful in the inhibition of HIV protease, the prevention or treatment of infection by HIV and the treatment of AIDS, either as compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, pharmaceutical composition ingredients, whether or not in combination w ...

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The invention provides a series of novel heterocyclic ketones of formula I and pharmaceutically acceptable base-addition salts thereof, in which the values of R, L, A, X and Q have the meanings defined in the following specification. The compounds of formula I are inhibitors of human leukocytic elas ...


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The invention provides hydroxamic acid derivatives of the formula wherein R represents 1-7C alkyl; R represents hydrogen, 1-6C alkyl or a group of the formula -(CH2)n-aryl or -(CH2)n-Het in which n stands for 1-4 and Het represents a 5- or 6-membered N-heterocyclic ring which (a) is attached via the ...

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Disclosed is the use of at lease one kinase modulator or phosphatase modulator being capable of increasing or decreasing the rate of proteolytic processing of proteins found in intracellular neurofibrillary tangles and extracellular amyloid plaques for the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition ...

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R(+)-N-propargyl-1-aminoindan, its preparation and use and pharmaceutical compositions containing it. The novel compound was found to be useful for the treatment of human patients for Parkinson's disease, memory disorders, dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT), depression and the hyperactive syndrome ...

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The invention relates to DNA sequences which code for the amino-acid sequence of the thrombin inhibitor hirudin, to hybrid vectors containing such DNA sequences, to host cells transformed with such hybrid vectors, to polypeptides produced by such transformed host cells and having thrombin inhibitory ...