Brian Goodall
Alex M Aravanis, Brian L Goodall, Michael Mendez, Jason L Pyle, Jaime E Moreno: Methods and systems for biofuel production. Sapphire Energy, Sapphire Energy, November 25, 2010: US20100297749-A1

The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for biofuel production. Systems of integrated biorefineries (IBR) and methods of using IBRs for producing fuel compositions and other products are provided herein. The IBRs can use algae for generating biofeedstock to produce the fuel composition ...

Keith Everett
Keith Everett, Lynn F Dickey: Aseptic bioreactor system for processing biological materials. Biolex Therapeutics, Alston & Bird, August 19, 2010: US20100209966-A1

A bioreactor system according to one embodiment of the present invention is provided for producing and processing a biological material in an aseptic environment. For example, the system includes at least one culture tube configured to hold a liquid media containing a biological material and at leas ...

Keith Everett
Keith Everett: Plate and method for high throughput screening. Biolex Therapeutics, Alston & Bird, May 1, 2008: US20080102518-A1

A multiple well plate and method for media exchange, including a body defining a plurality of cell wells each connected via a channel to one of a plurality of aspiration holes, is provided. The cell wells contain a porous, hydrophilic frit which is suspended on a ledge above a reservoir of fluid med ...

Keith Everett
R Edward Branson, Keith Everett, Bob Hester, Timothy B Vickers: Bioreactor for growing biological materials supported on a liquid surface. Biolex, Alston & Bird, Bank Of America Plaza, December 23, 2004: US20040259239-A1

A bioreactor assembly of the present invention for holding a media and supporting growth of a plurality of plants. The assembly includes a light source and a container having a light transmissive wall structure and defining a reservoir. A major axis of the reservoir is substantially horizontal allow ...

Mccabe Dennis E, Swain William F, Martinell Brian J: Plant-cell transformation by accelerated particles coated with dna and apparatus therefor.. Agracetus, June 8, 1988: EP0270356-A2 (215 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is disclosed for the genetic transformation of plants and plant lines by pollen mediated transformation. Foreign genes are introduced into pollen by coating on carrier particles which are physically accelerated into plant pollen. The treated plant pollen is then hand pollinate ...

Ikeda Shin, Yoshioka Toshihiko, Nankai Shiro: Biosensor with c-shaped counter electrode. Matsushita Electric, July 1, 1998: EP0851224-A1 (208 worldwide citation)

The biosensor has a reaction layer that contains at least an oxidoreductase and an electron acceptor and is formed on an electrode system including a working electrode and a counter electrode on a base plate. The working electrode, the counter electrode, and lead conductors connecting with these ele ...

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Novel polynucleotides derived from microorganisms belonging to coryneform bacteria and fragments thereof, polypeptides encoded by the polynucleotides and fragments thereof, polynucleotide arrays comprising the polynucleotides and fragments thereof, recording media in which the nucleotide sequences o ...

Higuchi Russell G, Watson Robert M: Monitoring multiple reactions simultaneously and analyzing same.. Hoffmann La Roche, March 1, 1995: EP0640828-A1 (176 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for monitoring multiple nucleic acid amplifications simultaneously. In order to provide real-time monitoring of the amplification product of multiple nucleic acid amplifications simultaneously the apparatus is characterized in that it comprises a thermal cycler (12) including a heat con ...


Southern Edwin: Method and apparatus for analysing polynucleotide sequences.. Isis Innovation, June 20, 1990: EP0373203-A1 (118 worldwide citation)

This invention provides apparatus and method for analysing a polynucleotide sequence, either an unknown sequence or a known sequence. A support, e.g. a glass plate, carries an array of the whole or a chosen part of a complete set of oligonucleotides which are capable of taking part in hybridization ...