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A device for decanting wine so that practically all of the wine in a bottle may be emptied therefrom without agitating the dregs and other solid matter that normally rests on the bottom in the bottle. In this device the wine bottle is supported substantially in a predetermined position by a cradle t ...

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A stopper having a tubular adapter provided with flexible flanges which are deflected into sealing engagement with the side of an opening in a wine jug when the adapter is pressed therein. The tubular adapter will support a fermentation lock in operating position on the jug or, alternatively, a cap ...

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A continuous process of producing beer is described. Starch-containing raw materials are disintegrated and are optionally processed to form malt, a wort is produced from the disintegrated and optionally malted raw materials, and the wort is subjected to alcoholic fermentation. In that process all pr ...

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3-Deazaadenosine has been found to be an effective antiviral and antifocal agent in tissue culture of animals as evidenced by its activity against Rous sarcoma virus, influenza virus, vesicular stomatitis virus, Sindbis virus, and Newcastle disease virus in the range 0.03-0.3 mM. This compound has a ...

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A method for the conservation and distribution of wine contained in a bottle and equipment for the method. The method for the conservation and distribution of wine contained in a bottle and the equipment enabling the method to be carried out consists in feeding, at an even pressure through a pipe 4, ...


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For selective removal of volatile substances from liquids, the initial liquid is fed to a crosscurrent diaphragm separation device (2), in which the permeate consisting of water and volatile substances is separated by increased transdiaphragm pressure and concentration difference. Then, the permeate ...

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Casier parallèlépipèdique, ouvert sur une face, qui est opposée à un fond, muni d'éléments d'appui pour les goulots d'une couche de bouteilles, ledit casier comportant deux séries de pieds ou patins permettant de le poser dans une première position, où les bouteilles sont couchées, et une seconde po ...

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Installation et procédé de cuisson en continu pour moût de brasserie avec récupération de chaleur latente.