Dwight Tomes, Dennis Bidney, Charisse M Buising: Soybean transformation by microparticle bombardment. Pioneer Hi Bred International, Pioneer Hi Bred International, June 21, 1994: US05322783 (175 worldwide citation)

Plant cells in tissue culture are more efficiently transformed in a method which involves treatment with a cytokinin followed by incubation for a period sufficient to permit undifferentiated cells in cotyledonary node tissue to differentiate into meristematic cells and to permit the cells to enter t ...

Lawrence M Souza: Production of human pluripotent granulocyte colony-stimulating factor. Amgen, Marshall O Toole Gerstein Murray & Bicknell, March 12, 1991: US04999291 (118 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are novel polypeptides possessing part or all of the primary structural conformation and one or more of the biological properties of a mammalian (e.g., human) pluripotent granulocyte colony-stimulating factor ("hpG-CSF") which are characterized in preferred forms by being the product of pr ...


Crook Eric Mitchell, Kay Garth: Production of a polymeric matrix having a biologically active substance bound thereto. National Research Development Corporation, November 9, 1971: US3619371 (73 worldwide citation)

A polymeric matrix having a biologically active substance chemically bound thereto, which comprises a polymer and a biologically active substance linked by groups of the formula: ##SPC1##Where Y represents a nucleophilic substituent that is an amino group, or an aliphatic or aromatic group.

Granquist William T: Synthetic smectite compositions, their preparation, and their use as thickeners in aqueous systems. N L, Larsen Delmar H, House Roy F, Floersheimer Fred, December 17, 1974: US3855147 (60 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing novel synthetic smectite compositions related to saponite plus accessory hydrous magnesia, and the resulting products. The novel substances have extraordinary swelling and gelling properties in aqueous solutions, including strong electrolyte solutions, and have other specific ...

Anil J Shrikhande: Ultrafiltration of red wines. Heublein, McCormick Paulding & Huber, May 30, 1989: US04834998 (52 worldwide citation)

Red wines, particularly pressed red wines, contain harsh impurities such as tannins. The instant process removes harsh tannins and other impurites from red wines through the use of ultrafiltration techniques using selective membranes which reduce the amounts of harsh tannins without appreciably affe ...

Anthony J Armini, Michael J Nowlan: Laminator for encapsulating multilayer laminate assembly. Spire Corporation, Morse Altman & Dacey, December 20, 1983: US04421589 (52 worldwide citation)

A laminator for laminating and/or encapsulating a multilayer laminate assembly is disclosed. The laminator includes a processing chamber designed to receive the laminate assembly. The processing chamber is provided with independently controllable temperature, vacuum and pneumatic pressure capabiliti ...

Michael A Hall: Inbred corn plant 01INL1 and seeds thereof. Dekalb Genetics Corporation, Arnold White & Durkee, April 4, 2000: US06046390 (48 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, there is provided an inbred corn plant designated 01INL1. This invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and tissue cultures of the inbred corn plant 01INL1, and to methods for producing a corn plant produced by crossing the inbred corn plant 01INL1 with itself or with ...

Athula Ekanayake, John Robert Bunger, Marvin Joseph Mohlenkamp Jr: Green tea extract subjected to cation exchange treatment and nanofiltration to improve clarity and color. The Procter & Gamble Company, Gerry S Gressel, Karen F Clark, Jacobus C Rasser, March 9, 1999: US05879733 (43 worldwide citation)

Green tea extracts having improved clarity and color. These extracts are obtained by treating the green tea extract with an amount of a food grade cation exchange resin effective to remove metal cations present in the extract. The treated extract is then contacted nanofiltration membrane while the t ...

Andrew M Cigan, Marc C Albertsen: Transgenic plants and DNA comprising anther specific promoter 5126 and gene to achieve male sterility. Pioneer Hi Bred International, Foley & Lardner, November 18, 1997: US05689051 (40 worldwide citation)

Plant development can be altered by transforming a plant with a genetic construct that includes regulatory elements and DNA sequences capable of acting in a fashion to inhibit pollen formation or function, thus rendering the transformed plant male-sterile. In particular, the present invention relate ...

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