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An implantable biosensor for detecting an analyte in vivo in body fluids comprises an analyte-sensitive hydrogel filament chemically configured to vary its displacement volume according to changes in concentration of an analyte, such as glucose, in a patient's body fluid. A photometric displace ...

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The invention relates to the sequencing of a target polynucleotide sequence, immobilized on a solid support, using the polymerase reaction to extend a suitable primer and characterizing the sequential addition of labelled bases. The present invention further relates to the presence of a polymerase e ...

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A process arrangement for distilling fuel grade ethanol includes a fermentation portion, a distillation portion, a condensation and dehydration portion, a separation and drying portion and an evaporation portion. The fermentation portion produces beer. The distillation portion, the condensation and ...

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A process arrangement for distilling fuel grade ethanol include a distillation portion which distills beer to produce thin stillage and hot ethanol vapor. In an evaporation portion, a set of first effect evaporators which are heated either by plant steam or hot ethanol vapor, concentrate thin stilla ...

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Immunoassays for the detection of antibodies to HCV are provided which employ "C" domain antigens. Immunoassay kits comprising such antigens are also provided.

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A method for distilling ethanol from a mash includes feeding a fluid to a first distillation column. The fluid and a distillate of the first distillation column are delivered to a second distillation column. The fed fluid and/or distillate of the second distillation column is/are purified in a first ...

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A package for hybridization includes a substrate and a housing. The substrate has a first surface that includes an array of probes having biological polymers immobilized thereon. The housing includes a fluid cavity constructed and arranged for hybridization of a target to a probe of the probe array ...

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Artificial wines, liquors, brandies and liqueurs may be made by treating vodka or other suitable alcoholic beverage with an organic acid such as citric, malic or tartaric acid, alkali metal sulfite catalyst-stabilizer and flavoring to make the desired beverage. To make wines, liquors, brandies, and ...

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A process for removing heavy metal ions from wine and wine-like beverages, which entails treating each 100 l of the beverage with from 5 to 250 g of a polymer which contains, as copolymerized units, from 50 to 99.5% by weight of at least one basic vinylheterocycle with a pK.sub.a of not less than 3. ...