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Bleach boosters comprising zwitterionic imines and anionic imine polyions having a net negative charge are disclosed. The bleach boosters increase bleaching effectiveness in lower temperature solutions and demonstrate superior color safety profiles. The bleach boosters are ideally suited for inclusi ...


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Laundry bleaching and detergent compositions comprising a peroxygen bleaching agent and a catalyst system therefor, the catalyst system comprising a heavy metal cation of defined bleach catalytic activity, particularly copper, iron or manganese cations, an auxiliary metal cation having little or no ...

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A system for dry cleaning soils from fabrics comprising densified carbon dioxide and a surfactant in the densified CO.sub.2. The surfactant has a polysiloxane, a branched polyalkylene oxide and a halocarbon group which is a functional CO.sub.2 -philic moiety connected to a CO.sub.2 -phobic functiona ...

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A process for manufacturing an aqueous composition of a peracid by reacting an acid anhydride with concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Preferably the aqueous peracid composition is further converted into an emulsion having improved stability wherein said emulsion contains a surfactant having an HLB abov ...

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Compositions in a water-soluble pouch containing at least two compartments, each compartment containing a different component of the composition, where a first compartment contains a first component which contains a liquid matrix and a source of peracid.

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Dish-washing composition containing alkali polyphosphates and silicates, surfactants, peroxized oxygerating agents, enzymes and sufficient alkali for providing a washing bath of pH 11.5.

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There is provided a bleaching composition containing (a) an oxygen-releasing bleaching agent as a source of available oxygen and (b) a non-paraffin oil organic silver coating agent. In one aspect the rate of release of available oxygen is carefully controlled such that the available oxygen is comple ...

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Storage-stable aqueous suspensions of organic peracids containing 1 to 50% by weight of a surfactant mixture composed of 1 to 4 parts by weight of a C.sub.8 -C.sub.22 -fatty alcohol, ethoxylated with 1 to 5 units of ethylene oxide, and 4 to 1 parts by weight of a C.sub.8 -C.sub.22 -fatty alcohol, et ...