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A cleaning composition comprising at least one low molecular weight polyorganosiloxane selected from the group consisting of straight chain polydiorganosiloxane represented by a general formula: ##STR1## (wherein R.sup.1 is an organic group of single valence substituted by the same or different grou ...

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Thickened aqueous automatic dishwashing detergent compositions containing optional bleach-stable surfactant, detergency builder, hypochlorite bleach (to yield available chlorine), a thickening agent and metal salts of long chain hydroxy fatty acids. The compositions have a yield value between 50 and ...

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Liquid detergent compositions containing a nonionic surface-active agent and a gel-forming gelatin. The compositions minimize filming, streaking, and spotting of tableware and kitchen utensils washed in solutions of the compositions and dried in air without polishing by a towel.

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The stability of polyvinyl films used to contain detersive systems may be enhanced by the use of a barrier coating composition to separate the film degrading components, i.e., acids, bases, and halogens, from these films. The barrier coatings may either encapsulate the individual film degrading comp ...

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A detergent composition is provided which contains a detergent and a cellulose acetate polymeric anti-redeposition agent having a degree of substitution of the acetyl moiety of from about 0.5 to about 2.3. The cellulose acetate polymeric anti-redeposition agent may be represented by the formula ##ST ...

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The present invention provides a removable marking system that includes a removable paint formulation and an aqueous removal formulation, and a method of using this removable marking system.

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All purpose cleaning or microemulsion compositions contains a nonionic surfactant, a fatty acid, an anionic surfactant, a foam control agent, and water.