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Non-aqueous liquid cleaning product compositions comprise a particulate solid phase dispersed in a non-aqueous liquid phase. The compositions contain a polymer comprising at least one first group capable of association with the particles of the solid phase and at least one second group capable of ex ...

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Films, 0.0005 to 0.010 inch thick, which are readily soluble in cold water may be made from a polymer mixture of polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl pyrrolidone having a molecular weight average of more than 120,000 and a different polymer, polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl pyrrolidone having a molecular we ...

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A substantially dry-to-the-touch wiping article which is suitable for use in cleaning soiled surfaces in the presence of water, comprises an absorbent substrate, having a water-absorption capacity of at least 1g/g, in compound, the surface of the absorbent substrate having applied thereon a moisture ...

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Foam structures such as applicator pads for cleaning and other purposes are provided, that are formed from emulsified propellant compositions including a synthetic polymer in solution in a low boiling propellant and dispersed or emulsified in an organic liquid as the continuous phase. Such compositi ...

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A detergent article, particularly for use in an automatic dishwasher, comprising an enzyme enclosed in an inner water-soluble film carrier, combined with detergent and enclosed in an outer, water-soluble film packet, is disclosed.

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Fabric-softening compositions, useful for softening textile fabrics in a standard, automatic, clothes dryer, as well as in the rinse cycle of an automatic washer, consist essentially of a substrate having a substrate coating, which consists essentially of a substantially solid, waxy, cationic or non ...

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Compositions in a water-soluble pouch containing at least two compartments, each compartment containing a different component of the composition, where a first compartment contains a first component which contains a liquid matrix and a source of peracid.

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The invention provides an improved cleaning wipe which requires no scrubbing, buffing, polishing or rinsing, with the following components:

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A pre-moistened wipe for cleaning hard surfaces to a shiny, substantially streak-free and lint-free finish comprising a flexible substrate of a mechanically bonded nonwoven material containing wood pulp and synthetic fibers having incorporated therein a low level of an acrylic polymer and impregnate ...

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A process for bleaching and/or providing limescale removal at a surface, comprising applying to that surface an aqueous composition of hydrogen peroxide or an organic peracid, characterised in that the pH of the composition is 2 or less. A preferred composition comprises H 2 O 2 and HCl, these being ...