Jean-luc Dubois
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A process including at least one reactive trituration step which includes putting an oil cake including from 3% to 30% oil in contact with an anhydrous light alcohol and an alkaline catalyst under temperature and time conditions that are sufficient to allow for the extraction and transesterification ...

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Methods and compositions are provided for producing purified oil from an organism, whether these organisms are wild type, selectively bred or genetically modified, and are suitable for the large scale production of an oil product. The organism may be an animal, a plant or a microorganism such as yea ...

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A method is provided for recovering oil from stillage including oil resulting from a process used for producing ethanol. In one embodiment, the method includes heating the stillage to a temperature sufficient to at least partially separate, or unbind, the oil therefrom The method further includes re ...

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There is disclosed a method for manufacturing fatty acid alkyl esters from tall oil comprising the steps of a) esterifying tall oil in at least one esterification reactor in the presence of an acidic catalyst and an C1 to C8 alcohol to form a crude product stream comprising fatty acid alkyl esters a ...

Kellens Marc, de Greyt Wim: Oil recuperation process. Smet Engineering N V de, February 8, 2006: EP1624047-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

A process for recuperating a triglyceride oil from wet gums from a vegetable oil, comprising the steps of: (a) providing wet gums by water de-gumming a crude vegetable oil, (b) mixing said wet gums with water containing a phospho-lipidolytic agent, (c) allowing the mixture to separate into two or mo ...

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A process for recovering fatty acids and/or rosin acids which comprises the steps of saponifying a tall oil head and/or pitch, introducing the saponified material into a thin film evaporator equipped with a rake and having a clearance of not more than one millimeter between the blade tips and the su ...

Kobayashi Akio: Method for producing fatty acid alkyl ester and glycerin. Kobayashi Akio, September 18, 2002: JP2002-265986 (18 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for efficiently producing a purified fatty acid alkyl ester and glycerin in simple facilities by the transesterification reaction between fats and oils and an alcohol with the use of an alkali as the catalyst.SOLUTION: The method for producing a fatty acid a ...

Reinhard Albert Sulzbach, Rainer Grasberger, Rik A Brandenburg: Recovery of highly fluorinated carboxylic acids from the gaseous phase. Dyneon, E I DuPont de Nemours & Co, James V Lilly, June 12, 2001: US06245923 (18 worldwide citation)

The process for the recovery of highly fluorinated carboxylic acids from off-gas streams, in which the off-gas is brought into contact with an alkaline washing solution of density >1.15 g/cm

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The use of homopolymers or copolymers based on quaternised 1-vinylimidazoles built up from A) from 10 to 100 % by weight of a 1-vinylimidazole of the formula I in which R to R are hydrogen or C1- to C4-alkyl, and B) from 0 to 90 % by weight of further copolymerisable monomers, in each case based on ...

Keogh Jr James R: Cleaning oil laden metal waste to recover the metal and reclaim the oil. FMC Corporation, May 22, 1973: US3734776 (15 worldwide citation)

Oil laden metal waste such as turnings, chips and the like are cleaned to remove oil and other impurities from the metal waste enabling recovery of the metal and reclaiming of the oil. The cleaning is achieved through counterflow of a detergent solution in a wash bath, removing the cleaned metal was ...