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The invention relates to the use of an O/W emulsion, in particular a PIT emulsion, for lubricating conveyor belt systems in food industries as well as a lubricant concentrate based on an O/W emulsion, in particular a PIT emulsion, of wax esters.

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A threaded joint for steel pipes comprising a pin 1 and a box 2 each having a contact surface comprising a threaded portion 3 or 4 and an unthreaded metal contact portion 8 is provided with improved anti-galling propertied by forming a lubricating coating on the contact surface of at least one of th ...

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The invention relates to a novel and completely synthetic microcrystalline paraffin, said paraffin being obtained in a simple manner and with a high yield by the catalytic hydromerisation of paraffin FT comprising 20 to 105 carbon atoms. Said paraffins can be pasty to solid at room temperature and h ...

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A grease composition for constant velocity joints consists essentially of: (a) a base oil; (b) an urea thickener; (c) molybdenum disulfide; (d) a calcium salt or an overbasic calcium salt selected from the group consisting of calcium salts or overbasic calcium salts of oxidized waxes, petroleum sulf ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a grease composition for lubricating resins which reduces the coefficient of static friction at lubricating parts and extends the duration life of lubricating parts. SOLUTION: The grease composition for lubricating resins is prepared by allowing a grease containing a ...

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Lubricating composition on the basis of waxy substances supported by means able to allow it to be applied by rubbing onto the bases of skis and the like, constituted by a blend formed by at least one hydrocarbon wax (ski-wax) dissolved in at least one solvent for said wax, said composition being abs ...

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(EN) A lubricating film, which has excellent seizing resistance, gas tightness, and rust preventive properties, can prevent the yield of a screw-free metal contact part even upon fastening at a high torque, and is free from any harmful heavy metal such as lead, is formed on a special pipe screw join ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain grease for a constant-velocity joint which efficiently and continuously lubricates a constant-velocity joint to effectively reduce friction thereby preventing generation of vibration, and the constant-velocity joint obtained by sealing the grease.SOLUTION: The grease ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a solid lubricant which does not contain lead and exhibits lubricating properties equal or superior to solid lubricants containing lead under a heavy load condition, and a sliding member.SOLUTION: The solid lubricant is intended to be embedded in holes or grooves for ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a grease composition which has excellent grease fluidity under conditions especially at high temperatures and at high speeds, has a long life even at high temperatures and is useful for a rolling apparatus or the like.SOLUTION: The grease composition containing a bas ...