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Apparatus for biomass torrefaction which includes a serpentine elongated housing, the housing having three generally U-shaped axial portions having first and second axial extremities and an intermediate section, the first and second axial extremities are disposed in normal use at a higher elevation ...

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An artificial firelog which contain 2% to about 6%.sub.w coriander seed added to create a crackling sound that mimics the sounds produced during the burning of natural logs. The random crackling sound continues for approximately the same time period as observed with the burning of natural wood firel ...

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A method of manufacturing charcoal comprising the steps of mixing at least one kind of material selected from the group including coffee pulps, almond husks, orange peelings, walnut shells and bean jam waste etc. with paper sludge, molding the resultant mixture in any desired configuration, and then ...

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In a method of producing fuel briquettes from organic waste products calcium oxide together with the enriching coal are added to the waste organic products subjected to high pressures to produce sterilized fuel briquettes of high heating values.

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Particulate compositions are described comprising a carbonaceous material, such as petroleum coke and/or coal, treated or otherwise associated with a gasification catalyst, where the catalyst is at least in part derived from a leachate from a biomass char, for gasification in the presence of steam t ...



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A method for the production of highly comminuted flour of wood and other types of vegetable biomass suitable for the use as fuel, in that coarsely ground wood or other type of coarsely ground vegetable biomass is treated with a dilute solution of an alkaline substance, and subsequently exposed to el ...

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A carbon neutral substitute for metallurgical coke is produced by various rapid and slower forging processes applied to hot biochar fresh from the pyrolysis reactor of a slow pyrolysis of biomass system. This takes advantage of the fact that the plasticity temperature of biochar is about the same as ...

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The invention relates to a process, which is characterized by mixing sewage sludge with comminuted, dried autumn foliage or the solvent extraction residue thereof. It also relates to the use of the deformable and optionally dried material obtained as a fuel briquette, and the use of the ash obtained ...