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A device making use of the gravity generated imbalance within a portion of the system confined upward and downward flowing liquid. A condensed gas of lower boiling point is induced to the portion of the upward flowing heated liquid of higher boiling point. The formation of gas bubbles upon evaporati ...

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In the process of removing CO.sub.2 and H.sub.2 S from fuel or synthesis gas by absorption with an organic solvent where the gas to be purified passes through an H.sub.2 S absorber and then through two stages of a CO.sub.2 absorber with the organic solvent being fed partially to the first and partia ...

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The invention relates to a process for the catalytic hydrotreatment of a feedstock derived from petroleum, of the gas-oil type, in at least one fixed-bed hydrotreatment reactor for the production of gas-oil, characterized in that vegetable oils and/or animal fats in an amount of about 30% by weight ...

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A method and apparatus for desulfurizing a gas and regenerating a sorbent is disclosed. The sulfur-containing feed gas which can be an effluent gas from a coal gasification reactor, for example, is desulfurized with a particulated metallic oxide sorbent in a transport riser. The sulfided sorbent is ...

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Carbon dioxide is separated from gas mixtures by passing a stream of the gas through an absorbtion tower or column wherein the carbon dioxide is absorbed by a 2N to 8N ammoniacal solution lean in CO2, to produce a solution rich in CO2, passing the resulting solution through a heat exchanger under a ...

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There is provided a catalyst for a water gas shift reaction in a hydrogen gas which is able to effectively remove CO in the hydrogen gas within a broader temperature range. Such a catalyst for the water gas shift reaction is characterized in that a metal oxide carrier supports at least platinum. The ...

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A catalyst suitable for the catalysis of the oxidation of carbon monoxide is prepared by providing the substrate with tin (IV) oxide support material and with a catalytically active material. The tin (IV) oxide is provided by contacting the substrate with a dispersion of colloidal or non-colloidal p ...

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Production of a gas suitable for use as a fuel or for conversion into a fuel and simultaneous production of a gas saturated with steam suitable for use as feed to a shift conversion zone.

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Treatment of gas mixtures containing combustible gas such as methane, hydrogen and carbon monoxide and containing as contaminants acid gas, i.e., hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, and normally liquid contaminants embracing aromatic hydrocarbons, non-acidic sulfur compounds and hydrogen cyanide to ...