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A process for the conversion of carbonaceous materials containing sulphur to an essentially sulphur-free combustible gas by gasification, comprising partially gasifying the carbonaceous material in a first circulating fluid bed by supplying to said zone adjusted streams of the carbonaceous material, ...

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Heat-recoverable articles carrying a "thermochromic" composition comprising organic materials which melt and decompose to provide a color-change indicating that the articles have been heated to a certain temperature, e.g. to melt a sealant carried on the surface of the article which is to contact a ...

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(EN) In a process for obtaining CO2, desulfurized natural gas or gas which accompanies mineral oil is reformed autothermally with addition of oxygenous gas at a temperature of from 900 to 1200°C and a pressure of from 40 to 100 bar (a) by partial catalytic oxidation to give a crude synthesis gas, an ...

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Exhaust gases from a process fired boiler are diverted from a stack prior to emission to the atmosphere through a duct system to a plurality of series connected heat exchangers. The exhaust gases are progressively reduced from an elevated temperature, for example in the range between about 350.degre ...

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In the process according to the invention, hydrogen or ammonia synthesis gas, which essentially consists only of hydrogen and nitrogen, are obtained from coal and/or heavy petroleum fractions by gasification with steam and an oxygen-containing gas, cooling of the crude gas thus formed by quenching a ...

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Aldehydes and ketones contained in gaseous streams rich in carbon monoxide, such as produced in the Oxo process, are selectively hydrogenated to alcohols on copper/chromium supported catalysts.

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A process for recovering a substantially carbon monoxide free mixture of gases particularly useful as a low-cost fuel for acid fuel cells from a mixture of gases including hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide wherein the quantity of carbon dioxide is high relative to the quantity of carbon ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for separating and recovering carbon monoxide from a generated gas of a hydrogen production apparatus at a refinery, which solves the problem that a carbon monoxide generated as a by-product in a reformer of a hydrogen production apparatus of a petroleum ref ...

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Syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, is an intermediate in the conversion of methane to liquid fuels. For certain applications, it is desirable to maintain an H2/CO molar ratio of about 3. This molar ratio is achieved by steam reforming of methane in accordance with: CH4 + H2O -> 3H2 + ...

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Disclosed is a carbonaceous material which reacts rapidly with hydrogen to produce a methane-rich gas containing at least 20% by volume methane. The carbonaceous material is formed by contacting a carbon monoxide containing gas with an initiator including a ferrous group metal such as iron, cobalt, ...